Thursday, July 12, 2012

CLICK'in the weight off

It's another busy Thursday as I prepare for yet another vacation weekend (please Lord, guide my diet willpower once again!).  I didn't get enough coffee this morning. I'm slightly stressed which makes me crave sweets, in particular my crutch chocolate. All of this not a good combination for a runner trying to lose a marathon (in pounds).

Quickly, I reach for a CLICK Espresso Protein Drink before I blow it. CLICK is the perfect afternoon drink - a boost of caffeine with the rich taste of chocolate. It reminds me of the mocha coffee drinks that I used to treat myself to in the McD's drive-thru... instead of 300 calories, I get away with only 90 calories per drink.

In my handy dandy CLICK mixer, I combine 1.5 scoops of powder, 14oz of water, a hand full of ice cubes and shake to perfection. It's quick, tasty and packs 15g of protein.  It's the all-in-one solution for me... a mid-day snack that boosts my energy, curbs my appetite and fulfills my chocolate fix!

They also offer Vanilla Latte and Decaf Mocha flavors too!

Get CLICK'in
I know you'll love it when you try CLICK... which is why I'm so excited for the week 4 weigh-in this coming Monday.  CLICK is rewarding 100 participants of the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge with FREE SAMPLES of the delicious protein drink!

Eligibility: You must be a registered participant of the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge. You must report your weigh-in no later than midnight on Monday, July 16, 2012. Please INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS with this week's weigh-in report.

In addition to the 100 sample winners, there will be one GRAND PRIZE winner who will be completely CLICK'ed out with this ultimate prize pack:
1 canister of CLICK Mocha
1 canister of CLICK Vanilla Latte
1 CLICK Bag Pack
1 CLICK Shaker
1 CLICK Tumbler

Stay STRONG in your weight loss journey this weekend... 
and BE PROUD to report back your weight come Monday.  
Good Luck!


  1. OMG... this is so good! Will have to check if they ship overseas! It sounds just like what I need!!!

  2. YAY! This is super exciting Jess! Thanks so much for all of your generosity! :)

  3. OMG.....I just gave up coffee and creamers and crave them like you would not believe. Oh....gotta get me one of these. Thanks.

  4. Love this, love this, love this! I was just looking at Protein drinks last night and wondering what to get that would not blow my weight loss. I did not want a drink so high in calories. This being at 90 is PERFECT! I hope I win...the prize and the weight loss:-)
    Heather Haynes

  5. I love click but I really need to invest in the shaker cup part. So maybe I will be one of the lucky prize winners or even win the big prize pack :)


  7. Cute cup! I might have to give Click a try--it sounds delicious! (I am also all about the extra protein.)

  8. Awesome!! I could use a caramel macchiato alternative!!!

  9. im so excited!!!! good luck to all

  10. I so want to try this! I was thinking about ordering, will have to wait to see if I win!!!!

  11. So excited to hear about this product. I crave Starbucks mocha fraps like a beast!

  12. I gave up coffee on June 11th and finally caved today for a SF latte, but it's not even close to being good. This stuff sounds delish!

  13. Yay!! I would love to try click!

  14. I totally want to try click! Fantastic.

  15. Replies
    1. Oops...that sounded sarcastic. I meant it literally though...this give away sounds exciting! LOL

  16. Great prize! Love Click!

  17. I've been wanting to try Click. This is amazing - and you are amazing at keeping the motivation to lose weight going!!

  18. I have always wanted to try this!

  19. Click sounds pretty awesome and though I can't order directly from them, I have managed to find it on a health food online shop here - so the Mocha flavour is now on its way to me :-D This could be just the thing I need to perk me up mid-afternoon!


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