Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Focus

It's been a busy crazy week in my house. While I have a hundred different blog posts written in my head (usually dreamed up while running, swimming or biking), I just haven't had the time to sit down and type them out.  It's crunch time for the triathlon, so I'm trying to maximize my time this week between the three sports.  I've been doing a lot of brick workouts and starting to feel comfortable about where I'm at for the Oshkosh Area Sprint Tri.

Thankfully, next week will be an easy taper before the race... and I will be kidless for 5 solid days!!  Watch out, momma on the loose!  I hope to catch up with life while the kiddos spend their summer week at Grandma's. There is already a big list of hopeful projects brewing to get done...

Oddly enough, with the summer days whizzing by faster than ever, I'm feeling unfocused. Despite a full calendar of activities and training for my 5 fall half-marathons, I'm itching to add more, confusing the crap out of my hubby.  I just can't shake the feeling that something is missing. It's unsettling and stressing me out.  I think this is how athletes get addicted to doing more, going further, pushing faster. My mind continually turns over new possibilities... 50k? 70.3? Oh, what should I shoot for next? What can I say, I miss marathon training and the weekly challenge to rack up mileage.

With all this rattling around in my head, my fingers have been busy at the keyboard researching events. Realistically, I just need to get marathon #3 on the calendar to settle my wild side (before I really do something reckless).  I wanted a mid-December marathon in the south, but can't seem to find the 'perfect' one.  I think I've settled on either the Shamrock Marathon (Virginia Beach, VA on March 17) or the Eugene Marathon (Eugene, OR on April 28).  O' which one will it be?? East Coast or West?  The sooner I register, the better. I keep mulling over the two without decision. I told my husband to make the decision for me, and he replies, "Just do them both." Yeah, thanks.

For those of you in the #LoseAMarathon challenge, my apologizes on the delayed results from week five. I promise I will get caught up this weekend.  I pulled another flat week (no gain, no loss), but honestly I'm glad to be maintaining. Last year, I tacked on 10 lbs over the summer. Right now, I'm holding steady at my lowest weight in six years. Most importantly, my body feels strong and good in my clothes. The journey to lose a marathon wages on...

The Summer Olympics start tomorrow!!
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  1. 5 half marathons? You are a machine!!!! I'm so excited for the Virtual Games!!!

  2. It sounds like you have a tough choice! I've heard great things about the Shamrock Marathon (I'd love to run it someday), but I hear Portland is just gorgeous. The one thing I would point out is depending on the length of your training schedule, if you run the Shamrock Marathon you might be training over the holidays which can be a really busy time.

  3. Your tri is almost here, good luck, you'll love it!! It's great to catch a break & breathe & get caught up. Have a great taper week!


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