Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LoseAMarathon Weigh-In #3

I worked my butt off this week and thought I did pretty decent on my food choices (especially considering the holiday).  I felt like I was in the zone; however, the scale had another story on Monday morning.  I was only down -0.4 lbs. Seriously, darn it. I'm not too terribly upset though.  I had a big loss (-6.6) the previous week and my body never puts up back-to-back big weeks.  I've been doing this weight loss thing for a while, so I've come to learn my body reactions pretty well. I continue to fight in my quest to Lose A Marathon.  Not satisfied with yesterday's scale reading, I'm determined to make week four count.  Yesterday, I ran 3 miles cross country, did the Day 9 Ab Challenge, rocked a 45 minute Spinning class and ended the night with 30 minutes swimming laps in the pool. Take that!

Each week, I recognize the top performers on the scale.  Losing weight is a tough task, so I am in awe at how these participants have attacked the challenge and LOST BIG in week three.  Congratulations!!
Lost 7 or more lbs.
Sarah W.
Lori F.
Deborah M.
Cheryll C.
Amber H.

Lost 4% or more body weight
Lori F.
Deborah M.
Cheryll C.
Theresa B.

Already Lost a Half-Marathon!
-13.1 or more lbs in total challenge (3 wks)
Deborah M.
Lori F.
Ramza G.
Diana S.
Mary E.

* To quality for Scale Crushers, you must report in two consecutive weigh-ins before the deadline.
Reminder: Weigh-ins are due before midnight every Monday (email me your full name & weight).  If you miss it the deadline, please just wait until the next week to report.

There are some unclaimed prizes from the first two rounds, so I am drawing new winners for those prizes this week. This week's winners drawn randomly are...

Nuun sports bottle & tube of hydration tablets
Michael Fuller
Kim Reed
Olivia Portugal

Decal stickers from RunnerDecals.com
Tracey Lurkins
Sarah Briggs

Email your shipping address to me at runwithjess@comcast.net
Claim your prize before next Tuesday, July 17 or I will draw a new winner.


  1. i've been really struggling so far, but I'm determined not to quit! Congrats to the big losers last week :)

  2. Yeah! Winner, winner!
    Thanks for all your hard work on this challenge. BTW--if I lose 6.6 pounds by the end I'll be surprised. Maybe I should modify my goal to lose a 10k, haha.

  3. Gosh Jess, I wish I had the time you do for all this exercising! How do you do it and get everything done? My older two are a little older than your girls so they are way more involved in activities but I feel lucky if I can eake out 30-45 minutes a day. I see the results you and others put up and get discouraged. :/ I need a way to "do more with less" as they say at work.

  4. Yay! I'm a scale crusher!!! Whoohoo!

  5. how fun, and congrats to winners! I am struggling with the exercise time...with both of my boys at home this summer, my husbands not-so-normal schedule, I am finding my workouts to be less than an hour, most days! Ugh, so frustrating coming from the girl that USED to workout 3-4 hours a day in college :-( help??

    Anyway, I'm going strong but only .2 weight loss this week...ughhh!

  6. Hang in there, next week will be another great one for you!!

  7. I seem to be on the 1 lbs/week loss. So frustrating I can't get past that; I'm blaming it on old age!!

    People have lost 13 lbs already? Jealous!!

    Keep being strong, girl!

  8. Congrats to ALL of you for your efforts & hard work! Keep it up, don't quit now, it will be worth it. You all are sooooo Amazzing!

  9. Wow--I'm impressed by everyone's progress! Good for you for getting everyone going!

  10. Congratulations to everyone this week!


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