Friday, August 31, 2012

Run The Base

This morning I set out for a long bike ride, pushing for 25 miles. My front tire went flat at mile 14 and that was that. I really need to learn how to change a tire; instead it was hubby to the rescue. Coincidentally, I won a tire repair kit from TwoTri this week.

In keeping things positive, I'll tell you about my great run yesterday instead of today's disappointing ride...

I had exactly one hour of free time while Little Girl attended preschool orientation. Her school is adjacent the Air National Guard base, so I decided to just park, drop and run right there. Inside the Guard base, there is a gold gem - a running trail that only military have access. I'm able to sneak in via my military spouse ID.

Once on base, my friend Patty (who is a JAG officer) also joined me for the run.  The running trail is pretty unique compared to my normal routes. It's rough with gravel and some bigger rocks, so I pay special attention to my footing. The elevation is no joke. Some quick, some long, but plenty of hills to work the quads. It's pretty remote, but safe since it's fenced in on base. Last time I ran it with my husband, we even saw a couple deer!  I just love a scenic wooded trail to run.

Once off the trail, we ran a loop around the base. For those of us who don't see 'big military planes' (officially known as C-130's) everyday, it's pretty darn neat to get up close and personal with them.

As we reached the far side of the base, I had to pop in on my hubby at work. I haven't seen his new office since he was promoted... plus Patty and I needed someone to take our sweaty picture, right?!  It was so hot and humid for so early in the morning. Can you see our skin glowing with sweat?

I ran my way off the base and back to preschool to pickup Little Girl. 5 miles done. I'm going to make this a weekly adventure now that school has started again. Running the Air Guard base got me energized for my upcoming Air Force Half Marathon... just 2 weeks away!!


  1. Awesome. Nice job, great pics. :)

    Jessica Washburn

  2. I love running around the base at Grissom- even though it's super flat and almost always windy. It's the same kind of trail, too (makes me feel justified wearing trail shoes). They are supposed to have a small (oddly-shaped) track done soon, so I'll have no more excuses about track workouts.

  3. love your pictures! :) So cool! :)

  4. That trail looks great! Very awesome pics!!! Where is your skirt from? I am on the HUNT for a blue running skirt :) Thanks!

  5. Great run!!! Those planes are HUGE!! I had a good friend whose father was a in charge of an air force base in Alaska. We went to look at the huge!!

  6. I "know" how to change a flat, but pray I'm not out on the road when it happens. I'm pretty sure it would take me an hour to change.

  7. My sister used to fly C-130's, they're quite intimidating up close and even more so from inside somehow!

  8. I love your bike pics! Such a bummer about the flat! Thanks for the mention! Your run sounded so fun!


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