Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#JellyBean Prize Winners

The 3rd annual Jelly Bean virtual race was indeed another smashing success. Thank you to all who participated... over 1000 people! The purpose of my virtual races is all about fun and motivation. I love to see runners uniting together for a run. I love springtime (although the jury is still out on that one). I love the encouragement to step outside our comfort zones with a variety of events... perhaps it was your first 5k, maybe a challenge to get all three runs done, or a push to dust off the bike after a long winter rest. Whatever the race accomplished for you, I'm glad you played along... and hope you enjoyed a jelly bean (or handful) afterward.

I want to first acknowledge the 28 participants who achieved ROCKSTAR status by completing all four events and reporting them... GREAT JOB!
Alicia Burrill   •   Allison Milancewich   •   Amanda Carey   •   Becky Butler
Christine Viota   •   Genie Dietz   •   Jacky Camós      Janet Look
Jason Kriess   •   Jill Weiner   •   Joel Coovert   •   Kallin Anderson
Kim Demary   •   Kyria W.   •   Laura Gay   •   Laura Harms
Lindsay Barnes   •   Lisa Jones   •   Lisa Ngai   •   Lula Carter
Megan Kinney   •   Nancy Capen   •   Pedro Castro   •   Ramona Hasan
Sarah Blissett   •   Suzanne Westenhofer   •   Valerie Butler   •   Victoria Butler

I decided to do a surprise prize drawing amongst these top athletes alone.
The winner of my Grand Prize Pack is... JILL WEINER
It will be a surprise when it arrives - a variety of my favorite things!

Throughout the race, participants have been sharing their photos on my Facebook wall. Click HERE to scroll through and view their pictures. Feel free to post your snapshots as well. I love to see the #JellyBean in action!

Please click on the company names below to patronize their websites.
Winners - No need to contact me. I have your addresses for shipment. 
Should I need a size selection, I'll email you for that information.
Thank you!
 *** WINNERS ***
Carmen Castro
Gigi Becker
Lauren Seserko
Jen Ressler
You've won a NON-SLIP HEADBAND courtesy of BAMR Bands

*** WINNERS ***
Dianne Hollister
Amanda Farmer
Sherry Winkle
Cassie Zell

You've won a PACK OF PERFORMANCE SOCKS from Fitsok

*** WINNERS ***
Tiffany Margolis
Cathie Bradich

You've won a $20 GIFT CARD from Gone For A Run

*** WINNERS ***
Katie DuBois
SarahJeanne Olson

You've won a RAINBOW OF ELASTIC SHOELACES from LockLaces

*** WINNERS ***
Jaclyn Webb
Lori Bonilla

You've won a RUN HAPPY TEE from Milestone Sports Jewelry & Apparel

*** WINNER ***
Erika Soloj

You've won a NUUN PRIZE PACK from Nuun Hydration

*** WINNERS ***
Eric Voita
Erica Agran
Stacey Kirk

You've won a RACER PHOTO FRAME from Racer Frames

*** WINNERS ***
Amy Nelson
Jen McElroy

You've won a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE from Running Chics

*** WINNERS ***
Danielle Cook
Christina Paul

You've won a RUNNER DRINK TUMBLER from RunnerDecals
Jenna Shaw
You've won a RUNNER CHICK TEE from RunnerDecals

*** WINNER ***
Laura Gay

You've won the Triathlon for Every Woman BOOK from SwimBikeMom

*** WINNERS ***
Lula Carter

You've won a STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE from ZOOMA Women's Race Series
Suzanne Westenhoger
You've won a RUNNING HAT from ZOOMA Women's Race Series


  1. Bummer...maybe next time. Great swag for this event!

  2. congrats winners!!

  3. Congrats to all the winners - it was a fun run once again!!!

  4. Congrats to the winners! Frankly, we are ALL winners for getting it done!

  5. Wow! Thank you! I enjoyed participating and to win is icing on the cake!!

  6. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Jelly Bean virtuals!!
    Wooo Hoooo! TYSM Jess! You rock Woman!~

  7. Drats!!!!!! ... oh well! :) Congrats to the winners & thanks for a fun event!

  8. Congrats to all the other winners! That's amazing that you had over 1000 people participate. How awesome!

  9. It's great you had so many runners participate! Congrats to the winners!

  10. You did an amazing job hosting such a fun event once again! Even though I didn't win, I'm proud to display my Jelly Bean medal! Thanks again!

  11. Great prizes, Jess! Thanks for having this awesome virtual run every year. :)


  12. Congrats to all of the runners and winners! You put on a fabulous race!

  13. Thank you Jess!! So excited!!

  14. Congrats to all the winners! Bummed I wasn't one but still had a great time. Thanks for putting on this event!

  15. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoyed the event and dusting off that ancient bike!

  16. Drat! Maybe some year I'll win something. Congrats winners. :)

  17. I'm so annoyed with myself. I totally forgot to submit my results. Congrats to all who won!

  18. I did it "unofficially" as a way to motivate myself for training. Thanks for the motivation!!

  19. Congratulations to all your winners... especially Jill!


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