Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wrap on the Week

I haven't blogged much this week. It's been Spring Break for our house. The kiddos went to Grandma's house, so I should have all the free time in the world, right?! Instead this week seems to have closed in on me. A long to-do list that barely got touched... and no long run. What?!  I have no idea what happened, but the hours and days just disappeared. {sigh} Ever have that feeling?

I had such a deep disappointment sitting in my gut when I went to bed last night. Eugene Marathon is only three weeks off and I missed skipped my chance for a final big run before the taper. I woke up today with a sense that I HAD to run. Seriously, I had less than 30 miles on the week... and I'm suppose to be marathon training?  Thankfully, it was a gorgeous Sunday morning, so I didn't wrestle too hard with the decision to lace up.

Once again, I left the Garmin at home. I needed a run free of expectations, beeps and something telling me I wasn't doing it good enough. Sure, I like to know my pace at the end of the run, but it can also have a negative effect on my morale. After racing a 10K yesterday morning, my legs felt sluggish. I knew whatever pace I ran would not be satisfactory to my overzealous self.  This is about me-vs-me... and all my little flaws. So instead of a disappointing run, I came home with a big exhausted smile and a 7.1 mile total (I map it afterward). I don't need a watch to tell me it was a good run.

As I logged my run into Daily Mile, I realized it was a pretty good week after all....
6 Runs for 35 miles
5 Spinning classes (45 min each)
2 Core Strength sessions (30 min each)
1 Strength Training class (45 min)

Really, it's no wonder my body was telling me to rest. I've been trying to stay in tune with my body during this training cycle - especially since I've added more cross-training due to instructing at the gym. Plus I'm still nursing this darn peroneal tendon. It has not fared well for my mental psyche.

I find this quote from the great marathoner herself repeating in my head...
"Keep varying the program.
Your body will tell you what to do."
~ Joan Benoit Samuelson

How is your training going? 
Do you adjust your training based on how you're feeling? 
Do you think it affects your race day performance?


  1. YES. listen to your body, especially now. Smart training requires that, correct? I'm having to do the same, reevaluating how to approach this training cycle so I don't get injured. Too. Much. Thinking.

  2. Sometimes we need a week when things just don't get done..that is spring break was the same way.

  3. Last week I thought I should tone it down. I'm half training and trying to keep at least 1 spin class per week. It is tougher than I thought. I have done 4 half marathons before but do not often do anything other than running. This time I want to change that. I think it started from the day I ran my 9 miler last weekend and it was supposed to be 8, but got lost, and it was hilly. Then the next day (Easter) I did a Jillian Michaels DVD just to do something since the spin studio was closed. By Tuesday for my next "scheduled run" I was still very sore from the weekend. I still did my other runs but slower, and tried to be nice to my body! But I hate going off schedule, so I'm anal about sticking to it.. ugh. I am hoping for no injuries! I'm feeling great again though, hope this next week and the coming weeks are better.

  4. Look at you!!! Awesome job! I am ready to get back to running and cant wait to put some miles under my belt! Great job! Erica

  5. Sometimes our weeks don't go as planned but don't let it get you down!! :) By the looks of it you ended up having a rather GREAT week!! :)

  6. I think you had a great week, but I know exactly how you feel! There are never enough hours in the day, unfortunately. Great job with your run!! You are so ready for your marathon!! :0)

  7. I felt that same disappointment Saturday when I only ran 15, and I should've done at least 20. My marathon is only 2 weeks away, and now I feel like I've missed my chance too. You did great on your 7 though!

  8. Oh gosh-- I definitely agree with the "time passing you by" feeling. I swear there's a clock in my head because all I ever hear is tick tick tick! Lol!


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