Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shoe Review: KEEN Mercer Lace CNX

As runners, we rightly focus on the shoes we use to pound the pavement. But what about afterward... when you're chasing the kids around the playground? Running errands around town? Shopping the mall? An evening stroll with your spouse?  It's just as important then to give proper care and support for your hardworking feet. Personally, I don't like my "running shoes" for everyday wear. Not only do my feet crave a change, I just don't want the extra wear on my runners. When I'm not logging miles, I like a lighter, more casual shoe.

Enter the KEEN Mercer Lace CNX...

I discovered these shoes at OnlineShoes.com and was instantly drawn to the design and bright color. When my Mercer Lace CNX shoes arrived, I couldn't wait to wear them around town. However, I didn't read the "Fit Tip" close enough on OnlineShoes.com, and they were a bit roomy on me. These shoes run a 1/2 size on the big side. While I normally wear a size 9 in running shoes, I needed the 8.5 in these Women's KEEN Shoes.  I never mind going down a size, and KEEN was great about sending me a new pair.

Once I had the right size, I quickly fell in love with the Mercer Lace CNX. They are lightweight and comfortable on my feet. I found the midfoot support to be perfect for my natural arch and just enough cushioning in the rubber sole without weighing my foot down.

As described by KEEN Shoes...
"The essential KEEN fit and protection lightened up to make every step a natural connection. The Mercer Lace CNX is a low profile, sporty everyday shoe that is at home in a small outdoor town or strolling the city streets. It features a proprietary, lightweight PU midsole, allowing the foot to move naturally. Multi-directional flex grooves on the sole enable more natural motion, and an integrated, contoured arch and metatarsal ridge provide underfoot support."

Always in a hurry, I'm easily annoyed with laces, so I was delighted with the built-in elastic shoelaces, making it easy to slide the shoes on and off. The shoelaces are adjustable to secure the fit that you find comfortable. When traveling, I found this convenient as I like to prop my feet up on the dash (as hubby drives), but they were quick to slide back on for rest stops.

I recently wore them on our 5 hour drive to Wisconsin and received compliments at every single stop. No joke. We stopped to buy my mom some Easter flowers and I was waiting in the checkout line. The lady from the service counter called out, "Hey you with the cute shoes, come on over here." All the ladies at the counter gathered around to ask about my brightly colored shoes. One lady made such a funny comment (that you'll only hear in Wisconsin)... "If you fall face first in a snow bank, they'll surely be able to spot you!"

The official color of my shoes is Barberry. I describe them as a dark raspberry, but my parents call them red. Whatever the label, these shoes are hot and everyone notices them! The Mercer Lace CNX also come in black, khaki brown and green. The colored fabric is a mixture of mesh and suede, making them durable, yet extremely breathable and comfortable.

Looking for less shoe with more support for summer? My next mission is to find a good supportive pair of flip flops. I'll be checking out the Women's KEEN Sandal collection. There are so many styles and colors to pick from.

What are your GO-TO SHOES 
when you're not running??

These shoes were provided to me by OnlineShoes.com and KEEN Shoes, but the opinions expressed are 100% Jess. 


  1. Great review - I love Keen shoes! They're very comfortable and cute. I've not tried any of their CNX line yet. My favorite supportive flip flops are Montrail. Give them a try and see what you think!

  2. Ooh, I hope the almost local (30 min drive) shoe store gets those in soon! I love KEEN shoes, especially because they're idiot-proof with that toe cap (which is why my husband buys them for me).

  3. I love Keen shoes - I must give these a try! I love that green color!

  4. Another big Keen fan -- they are very popular in the Pacific Northwest and I wore them as my everyday shoes in my informal workplace. I need some new ones . . .

  5. Love the color of those shoes! As a teacher I am on my feet CONSTANTLY!! I live in my Dansko shoes! I have them in many colors and they are so comfy!!

  6. Uuuhhhhhh I like those! Need to check them out :)

  7. would you recommend wearing socks with these? or could you go sockless? i am looking for shoes for a week long trip and don't want to pack socks


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