Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Finish Line 4.15.13

I awoke on Monday, April 15 with a renewed spirit... and ended the day with exhausted heartache.

I began the day with vigor. After the flu had overtaken me for several days, I was back to good health. I had worked feveriously the day before to complete our taxes - a huge job that I dread each year, thus always taking it right up to the deadline. Now it was time for me to get back on track with "the marathon". I needed one solid long run before I could faithfully commit to "the taper" phase of my training.

I ran nearly 14 miles, simultaneous to the running of the Boston Marathon. Once home, I flipped on the highlight reel from the women's race. With marathon thoughts reeling in my own mind, I was moved by the running of these incredible ladies. In fact, I cried... tears of joy, tears of pride for people I didn't even know. I was so moved by the feat of endurance that these runners had completed. The Marathon Finish Line is a coveted, near magical place.

So imagine my surprise when my mom called to tell me to turn on the news. I watched in shock, in horror, to see the ultimate Marathon Finish Line being destroyed with terror.  To take an event that celebrates LIFE and turn it into tragedy is just pure evil. I've become so frustrated and distraught with the destructive nature of our world. It's not just these big catastrophes, but the daily hatred and meanness I see in our communities. It's elevated to such a level that scares me. How do we explain this to our children? Where are we safe?  Will it ever stop?  I never classified myself as an overly religious person, but I've been turning to prayer a lot these days. I feel confused in this world... and for the first time, I feel truly lost for real answers.

Wear A Race Shirt
To show solidarity and strength for Boston, there is a wide spread movement to wear a race shirt today... anyone you got. As soon as I got up, I browsed through my drawers trying to decide which one to wear. Eventually, I landed on my Air Force Marathon shirt. Big Girl has been deeply interested and moved by these events too - asking lots of questions and needing lots of hugs. So this morning, she eagerly wore her own race shirt to school.

Virtual Run - Runners United to Remember
As runners, we are naturally drawn to the pavement when controversy or tragedy hits. It's just how we deal with life's ups and downs.  RunJunkees were quick to put together a virtual run to both honor the victims and display unity in the running community.  The Facebook event can be found here with more details. There is no cost for this virtual race - just print out the race bib (found here) and run or walk.  I will be running this naked - just me and my prayers for whatever distance I feel.

Go the extra mile.
Let's make this world a better place!


  1. Just nailed it down! I had 30 minutes free this morning---and took full advantage! #forboston


  2. I'm doing the same today as well...wearing a race shirt and running in honor this afternoon.

  3. 6 miles this morning with my Run Junkees Boston bib. Got my race shirt on too. <3

  4. I almost wore my Air Force shirt today, too. But, then I found my first ever half marathon shirt from Eugene and realized it was the best choice!

    I'm not running today, but will swim. I'm so sad.

  5. Ran 4:09 in my Goofy Challenge shirt this morning.....so sad.

  6. I am wearing a race shirt today and running this afternoon in honor as well.

  7. You said it the best. Such nice words after a tragedy. I wore my Half marathon shirt today to support Boston. I plan to do my run for Boston tomorrow though.

  8. I've never felt so honored to wear my marathon shirt than I did today.

  9. wore my shirt-even though i never left my bed or house today...still in shock and so sad.

  10. I did the same today. Love your words!


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