Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Runs & New Toys!

Back from another whirlwind Christmas.  It was by far the best I've had in years.  The kids were at a wonderfully fun age this year.  We were able to see all of our extended family and still squeeze in some quality time for our little family of four.

And I kept my run on through it all!  On Christmas Eve, I joined up with Sole Sisters Patty, Laura and Karyn as we tackled 9+ miles on a sunny but very cold morning.  We ran the Pekin trails, which are one of my favorites.  I wasn't feeling it that morning, but so happy I had company to push me through the miles.  I'm totally late in recapping for the virtual Christmas 5K, but my 5K split was 32:02.  The backhalf of the long run was to complete the virtual Home for the Holidays 10K, so my official time for that race was 1:04.

Christmas Eve run... Our hats/headbands were covered in frost!
And then the food coma began.  Let's just get it out there... I ate like crap!  My stomach hurt so badly from the rich (and delicious) food.  Yesterday morning before we left Wisconsin, I pushed myself out the door for a run.  Again, I was totally not feeling it, but I knew even a short run would make me feel better.  I told myself at least 3 miles and then see how it goes...  I ended up with 6 miles.  There's something I just enjoy about running back in my hometown!

But now to the really fun news... NEW RUNNING STUFF!!

I'm most excited about the YakTrax.  It was the "one" thing I wanted for snow-running this winter.  But look at all the other stuff too... gloves, Luna bars, foot repair cream, knee high socks, gum, nuun, GU packets, BondiBand headband, clip-on light for a hat and a $25 gift certificate to our local running store.

Of course, last week I already received my new treadmill...

And yesterday, we stopped at four car dealerships during our long drive home looking for one of these...
Dodge Journey in Pearl Blue... Yup, one is in my future... real soon!

So what running toys did Santa bring you??


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas! Your group run sounds perfect. I so wish I had running buddies around, I am going to have to find some!!
    I got a ton of great stuff too!! I got a bibfolio, a $50 gift card to a local running store, Pivot shorts, Roadrunner sport compression capris, a gorgeous skirt sports shirt, new Brooks, a spibelt, a footrubz, a roadID, and a windbreaker. I was spoiled!!

  2. Great stuff!

    My mom and dad bought my husband and I Nuun, Gu/Clif Shot Energy Gel, some shirts and shorts and some books. My husband bought me a Garmin 405cx, I can't wait to use it!

    We also got our bikes for triathlons from my in-laws and helmets from my mom and dad.

  3. Love new running gear! I told my hubby to not buy me anything for Christmas so that I can get my running gear at the expo next week. Running gear is the perfect Christmas present!

  4. Great running stuff! I am glad you wrote this post because someone told me about YakTrax a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to look them up. I have a $50 Amazon gift card that is burning a whole in my pocket and I have some longer runs coming up!

  5. Great gifts! I got a few good items also.

  6. My wonderful Husband got me two new Nike ProCombat running pullovers(one with a hood), two pairs of running gloves for those freezing morning runs, and an awesome Nike toboggan with a slit in the back for my ponytail. Time to rack up the miles on the Garmin Forerunner610 that he got me for my birthday!!

  7. You got some awesome running goodies!

  8. Sounds like you were a good girl with all the goodies you got this year!!
    I got what's called an Infinity scarf from lululemon. It looks like it should have a manual on how to use it, but if I can figure it out it will be perfect for covering my face and neck this winter.

  9. YAY! i love new running stuff! :)


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