Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. When I run in the early morning or evening darkness, I'm a safety gal.  With reflective belt, a headlamp and numerous blinkers around my body, I'm hard to miss coming down the street.  I always joked around that I'm "lit up like a Christmas tree."  Well, I took that to a literal sense this holiday season...
Yup, that's a battery-powered set of LED Christmas lights wrapped around me.  
Festive and effective!  Best of all, they were only $4.

2.  I'm reading a new book right now.  Only five chapters in, I'm already compelled to tell you about it! If your running obsession hobby is parallel for other important things in your life, this book is a must read.  I'm getting so much out of it already.  It's making me think outside the box... and dream again.  A seriously great last-minute addition to your Christmas list...
Running the Edge by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano

3.  I thought the hardest part of getting a treadmill was picking which one I wanted.  Nope!  You won't even believe the process of how it's gone down... starting back in early November...

O' Yes... you will be mine!
• Finally decided on the ProForm 1080 treadmill.
• Ordered from (company unnamed) online.  Said it was in-stock and would arrive for pickup in 4-6 days.  Eagerly waited...
• One week later, receive an email that the item is now backordered.  Crap!
• Two weeks later, receive an email that my order has now been cancelled because it is backordered indefinitely.  Sh*t!
• Fight with company to get the extended warranty refunded.  Hello? You cancelled my order, why would I still want the warranty on an item I don't have?

• Decide on a new model - since the 1080 is now sold out everywhere. (Hello holiday season!)
• Order the 1450 model directly from ProForm.  No messing around with a middle man this time.  Delivery is promised in 10-14 days.
• 15 days go past... nothing. My credit card is still not even charged for the order.  Okay, WTH?  I e-mail the company for an order status update.  No answer for three days.

• Finally today, the shipping company calls to schedule delivery for next Tuesday.  I think this just MIGHT become a reality!!  But there is 4 more days for someone to screw something up.  Dare I even wonder it aloud... Will it work upon arrival!?!?


  1. OMG, that's crazy about the treadmill....It shouldn't be that hard. Hope it gets there in one piece! :)

  2. Here's hoping you have a Merry Christmas with a brand new treadmill under the tree - I will send Santa a message for ya (or should I put that other company on the Bad List...ha, ha)


  3. Sheesh! Who knew buying a treadmill would be so hard?!

    PS - Absolutely loving your idea to wrap yourself in the lights ... I have a string or 2 of those. Hm ...

  4. treadmill drama is no fun! I hope it comes soon.

  5. You look absolutely adorable (and cold) in your picture!

    I think expensive, major purchases should go smoothly. Sorry for the ordeal.

  6. Why do things have to be so hard? Good luck!

  7. I had a similiar incident with an elliptical. I wonder if we bought ours from the same unnamed company...hmmm.

    LOVE the lights!

  8. I hope you get a working treadmill!!

  9. I had such a chaotic experience with my treadmill as well - so frustrating! Love your lights, that's fantastic!!

  10. First, you are adorable. 2nd, wtf on the TM? I hope it is worth your wait!

  11. OMG what a crazy time trying to get a treadmill. The first thing I thought is everyone is making their new year's resolutions. My husband and I are shopping for a treadmill to buy after the holidays. You did all the leg work so I'm off to check out your choice :)

  12. oh NO the treadmill drama. And my husband and I were just saying we needed to break down and buy a treadmill too. Let us know how ya like yours. We love outdoor running, but we're thinking some treadmill runs to change things up might be nice too.


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