Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rose Bowl wager

I may live in Illinois now, but I'm a Wisconsin gal through and through.  Born, raised, educated there.  If you're not familiar with us Wisconsin folk, let me educate you a bit...

• We love our football.

• We arrange our weekend plans based on when the Green Bay Packers play.

• We've perfected the art of tailgating.  I've been around the country and have never seen anyone do it better than the fans at Lambeau, Camp Randall and Miller Park.  Don't be jealous or bitter, it's just what we've been trained to do.

•  The Rose Bowl is our thing.  The Wisconsin Badgers have earned 7 trips to the infamous "Granddaddy of Them All," claiming victory 3 times.  Those victories came during/since my college years.  In 1994, I was a college sophomore and remember the mass celebration not only when we earned the trip, but also the extensive victory celebration that followed.  The Badgers repeated victory in 1999 and 2000. Kinda became old hat, right?  So we took a break.  Last year's Rose Bowl trip ended in defeat, so we're pretty determined to redeem ourselves this year.

In four days, the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Oregon Ducks, who are 1-5 in Rose Bowl appearances.  You're asking... What the heck does this have to do with RUNNING?! 

Well, my imaginary running pal Kim... you may know her from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls... is a huge Oregon fan.  Quack, Quack!  Needless to say, we've been smack-talking for weeks now, and decided to put a little wager on the line.

Me and the Badgers are ready to FIGHT!
Kim sporting her new Ducks shirt.  Ooooo, I'm so scared!

Whoever LOSES the mighty football game must immediately...
Deck themselves out in the WINNING teams colors.
(red/white for the Badgers - green/yellow for the Ducks) 
Design and pose with a sign that declares their humble servitude.
Post a photo of the above on their blog, facebook & twitter for all to see!
Oh- the Shame!

I can't wait to see Kim all dressed in Badger Red!!
Please support me in this fun little wager... I encourage you to give Kim
 a little Badger love (taunting) on Facebook (here) and on Twitter (here).

I'm hungry for roasted duck!


  1. Luckily you've got all of your Packer green that will work well for your losing pics! Great post! The Ducks are do for a Rose Bowl win, a BIG one!!

  2. LOL! Awesome! I can't wait to see what happens.

  3. I hear roasted duck is pretty tasty. Go Badgers!

  4. As a Husky, I'm sort of sworn to wish ill will upon the Ducks, but as Kim's friend (and fellow Husky), I am able to put aside my differences and root for the Pacific Northwest team. But I won't be decking myself out in either of your colors, haha, as my blood runs purple. :)

    But I will be very much loving and enjoying watching this little blog war play out!

    Go Ducks!!

  5. Hate to tell you, your badgers don't stand a chance. :) You'll look great in green & yellow.

  6. Not a huge football fan, but I will be watching to see who wins!!!! The roar of the crowd at your houses will sure be loud!!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  7. As a Nebraska girlie who grew up in Michigan, I should be supporting the Big 10...but I had some run ins with some slighty obnoxious Badger fans recently (No offense ;-) so Im throwing my support to the Ducks and the Mamba. Either way, should be a great game!!!

  8. Haha that sounds like fun! My college doesn't have a football team, but we are a huge hockey school. It is actually the only D1 sport that we have, everything else is D3.

  9. haha! what a fun bet! I don't have an allegience to either team but I love that a duck is a mascot. And they did have some pretty fancy, expensive uniforms last season....

    @Jamie above--I think that is the only thing that my school UMaine was ever known for was their hockey team too! They won it a few times many years ago--we still cling to that NCAA championship... lol

  10. Quack attack! I didn't go to Oregon but have to throw my support to my home state team! Go DUCKS!

  11. Sounds fun! I'm about as anti-football as you can get! I despise New Year's day because it's nothing but football and drives me insane!!!!


  12. I'm rooting for the Hawkeyes (my home state)...whenever they make it to the Rose Bowl again - which may be 20 years from now :(. Haha.

  13. Red-(and white)-blooded Wisconsinite here!! I've got your back, Jess!!

    GooooOOOOO Bucky!! ;)

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