Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cupcake Classic virtual race!

The Cupcake Classic has gone virtual into the blog-o-phere!

I'm hosting a women's fun run here in Peoria, IL to celebrate my 37th birthday.  What started as a group of ladies running together has blossomed into a truly special event!  I'm now expecting 100 women to show up that day, which means I have a lot of cupcakes to bake!  Many requests from my fabulous blog followers have followed... please do a virtual race too?!?   So here you are...

The Cupcake Classic
~ 3.7 miles ~
Week of Oct. 17-23

WHAT:  A virtual race is running a specified distance (3.7 miles here), timing yourself, without actually being present in the race location.

WHEN:  Anytime during my birthday week, October 17-23

WHERE:  Pick your favorite local route or jump on the treadmill.

WHY:  Fun, Fitness, Friendships... and duh, PRIZES!

HOW:  Register by entering your name HERE.  To keep up with virtual race updates, you need to either be a follower of my blog (click on the "Join this Site" button in the right sidebar) -or- like Run with Jess on Facebook (click here).  I will email out the official race bib before Oct. 17.  Absolutely FREE to participate!

After your run, email your race time to me at runwithjess@comcast.net no later than Monday, Oct. 24 at 11:00am.  Your race time will get you +1 entry into the random prize drawing.

+1 for submitting a photo.
+1 if that photo contains a CUPCAKE!  I highly advise you bake up a batch and have it waiting for you at the finish!

+2 if you're wearing one of the official "will run for cupcakes" technical shirts on sale (SOLD OUT - Thank You!).  Proceeds benefit my DetermiNation fund for the American Cancer Society.

+1 for every dollar you donate to my DetermiNation race team for the American Cancer Society.  Click HERE to donate. I know times are tight, but even a small donation can get us to the finish line in the fight against cancer.  A $10 donation will get you 10 bonus entries into the prize raffle! Thank you!

Now grab The Cupcake Classic logo above, share on your blog, 
Facebook and/or Twitter and help spread the word on this fun virtual race! 
Thank You!

Special Thank You 
to these sponsors for donating prizes to The Cupcake Classic virtual race

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You know there's nothing I love more than a little sparkle on the run.
Visit Team Sparkle HERE for dazzling skirts & race legs.

Home of my 1st Marathon!  Mark your calendar for Sept. 23, 2012.
Race details HERE.

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  1. Uhh, am I the only moron who read the whole thing thinking "3.7 miles? huh?" Seriously, I'm a genius. Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! (and a new PR for everyone, because hey, who has run a 3.7 mile race?) :)

  2. Hahaha! I guess I didn't explain that very well, huh?! Yup, the 3.7 is in honor of my 37th birthday. And YES!! PR for everyone!

  3. yeah! just found out about your virtual race through Nina! So excited to have found your blog and excited to participate in the virtual race :)

  4. I am so excited for another virtual race!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Jess, I loved the last Virtual Race!!!

  6. I entered and now a new follower! Your blog looks great! I'll be back this evening to browse a bit more. Off to work or I'm going to be late :)

    Blog: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    FB: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  7. KICK ARSE idea! Happy early birthday! Thanks for inviting me to your little soiree!

  8. in it to win it! Or you know eat cupcakes :)

  9. I just found you through another blog I follow! I am a new follower and I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I am so in!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

  10. heard about this on other blogs. i'm in!!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this idea and am so in!! Also now a new follower - thank you for celebrating your birthday with all of us in cyberspace in such an awesome way!!! :)

  12. Sounds great! I'm in! Congrats on your marathon. I just signed up for my first. It's in Dec and I am already really nervous!

  13. Hi Jess!
    First off... CONGRATS on your first MARATHON! You rock!
    I'd like to order a cupcake t-shirt and my question is as follows: do you ship overseas?????? I'm in Spain and would love a cupcake t-shirt. Just let me know. If it can't be, I might try to "draw" a cupcake myself :p
    Happy running,


  14. Awesome! :) AnnaMarie linked me to your blog and I'm all signed up! LOVE those cupcake shirts!

  15. I'm a new reader, and I'm so happy I found your blog; this looks awesome! Count another blogger in for the birthday race!

  16. My first ever race! I'm going to have to walk it because I just got out of a cast from breaking my foot - but I'm too excited!

  17. I'm in! Who wouldn't run for a cupcake? :)

  18. I'm signed up! What a fun thing!

  19. New reader, this looks awesome. Can't fully run yet, but I can walk 3.7 for cupcakes! I'm in!

  20. Sign me up. I've been off the running shoes for a while due to health issues but I'm now on the mend and I would love a race, even a virtual one :)

  21. I can't believe I missed this earlier! I am now signed up. I am sad that I missed out on ordering a shirt. Love them.

  22. Trying to organize a Seattle contingent!

  23. Just signed up (hope it worked, wasn't sure what I was doing on the GoogleDoc). Love the idea of a virtual race. Sad I missed out on the shirts!

  24. How fun! My 37th birthday is this month too and a 3.7 mile race sounds like a great idea. :)

  25. cool! i am new to your site, but i just signed up and i'm excited to run my 3.7 this week! (hope it's not too late to enter?)

  26. I am in
    cannot eat cupcakes cuz of my GI problems but I'll have a Graham Craker!

  27. I just signed up..hope it's not to late. I have never done a race before...so I hope I do well.

  28. Just found you site! Very cute! I'd love to do the race, but not sure if it's too late?

  29. I just signed up as well, also hope it's not too late.

  30. I will do it! Love the idea of a virtual race

  31. I hope I signed up the right way :D

  32. Here is my post about the cupcake classic :)

  33. What a cute idea! I have a race on Saturday, and I'd love a two-race weekend (especially when it involves cupcakes!)


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