Thursday, September 8, 2011

Running Etiquette

Last night at Sole Sisters, there was a brief discussion on running etiquette during a race.  We have a lot of beginner runners, and this weekend is the local IVS Half Marathon & Relay in Peoria.  Many are running their first race at that distance!   So we provided some quick pointers on how to be "respectful" to other (more serious) runners.  I found this humorous, yet dead-on, list at which I thought I'd share...

posted on by Davy Kestens

  • Lining up at the front of the race when you're a slow runner.  If you don't plan on winning the race, step back where you belong.
  • Abruptly stopping during a race. Look around you and move to the side first.
  • Not returning greetings or simple nods when passing another runner.
  • “I just started running. Can I run a marathon in 6 weeks?”
  • If you must spit or blow your nose, please do so at the back of the pack.
  • Runners who run WITH the flow of traffic. (Are you crazy?)
  • Don’t be a jerk when talking about your pace; not everyone run a 6 minute mile. 
  • Cutting other runners off and then slowing down.
  • Throwing drinks at the feet of the runners behind you. Be a grown-up and throw it in the bin a few paces down the road.
  • Not paying attention to traffic, signals, or course signs:  It makes us all look bad.
  • Don’t group-hog the entire road/trail width!  Let others pass.
  • Being unaware of your surroundings. Does your music have to be that loud? Really?
  • Don't stop IMMEDIATELY after the finish line. Keep going a few meters to get out of the way of the runners behind you.
  • Don’t give advice without being asked. This holds true for most sports.
  • Not thanking the event volunteers.
  • If you must, then at least look around you before you spit.
  • If you have a bad case of the tummy demons, it’s nice to move to the back of the line as to not poison the rest of the group behind you.
  • Play nice. Follow the track rules, and don’t be arrogant when someone points out those rules. Crowded tracks need a set of standards to avoid injuries.
  • Don’t cheat races.
  • Inside lanes on tracks are for fast runners.
  • Don’t literally push people forward when the starting gun has fired. We all know it's a race.
  • When you’re running on trails with your dog, clean up its mess.

Did you notice the two bolded ones in green???  O'Yeah, have I got a story for you today... To the jerk who was walking his bike this morning, you may not be a runner... but did it ever occur to you to LOOK before you spit?!?!  At about mile 12 of my long run today, I found a big loogie hanging from my chest.  I coughed;  I said "runner coming".  He obviously didn't hear me, so I ran up on the grass to run around him.  Right as I came up on his lefthand side, he swung his head to one side and let it fly... I saw the white wad flying in the air.  It was like slow motion - and yet I couldn't move fast enough.  PLOP!  Right on my chest.  Most disgusting thing ever on a run!!

Ok runners... Here's your chance to B*TCH! 
What do other runners do that drive you crazy - run or race?!?!


  1. I can't stand it when you've passed someone in a race and they are bitter, angry, or just make fowl comments about having been passed. All runners should be happy that someone else did well.
    Also, I'm the 'good job' person. Meaning, I always tell people good job when I pass them or they pass me. Running is not a group sport, but it is one where usually your biggest competition is yourself. Be happy that others are doing well for themselves also.

  2. Trail hogging is one of my biggest pet peeves that and stopping in the middle of the trail without consideration to others around you.

  3. Oh my gawd...That's disgusting! I would have thrown up right there----after slapping him in the head. :)


  4. When course cross over...say a 10K has the same ending as the 5K, if you are a walker great, but don't hog the whole course. One of my biggest pet peeves. (also I may have been known to do this before I realized the issue. :))

  5. I'm with Sarah....I would have puked all over! That is beyond rude and disgusting!!!!

    Having your music loud THEN trying to talk over it. Really? Common sense doesn't whisper in your ear that you might be talking a bit loud OVER your music :)

  6. gross! I can't believe people spit and don't even pay attention!

  7. Your flying white wad story was disgusting! I was riding behind someone on a group ride this summer who continually did that to me. I couldn't get ahead of him, though...and since we were the last two in line I was afraid I would be dropped if I backed off. NOT a great ride :-(

  8. ok that's just gross. You should have stopped running, went back over to him, grabbed the edge of his shirt and used it to wipe off his loogie. YUK!

    My biggest peeve is people lining up too far in front especially when they make a wall of 2-3 people.

    Also - the people who cut corners in the race. I saw so much of that in Chicago - people cutting up on the sidewalk to go around a corner. Sometimes it was tiny but there were a few corners where people took huge chunks out of what they would have had to run.

  9. The first one is DEFINITELY my biggest pet peeve. Don't line up near the front just to walk .5 mi in!!

    I will try to remember some of these when I race this weekend. I try not to run so close to people as to get thrown off completely if they happen to stop (they could be cramping...).

  10. Unbelievable! I guess there are just idiots everywhere these days.

    This is a good list.

    I wish that the people who NEED to read it would see it and HEED the advice!

  11. That is nasty!

    I can't stand it when I'm doing a race that allows walkers and there they are, lined up in front five wide and you can't get around them.

    And for some reason it really bugs me when runners wear the race tee shirt during the race. Hello! It's for AFTER you've completed the race.


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