Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Race Prep

Down to the last couple days before we leave for the Marathon... I'm slowly checking off items on the Pre-Race To-Do List...

1.  RACE OUTFIT.  I'm banking on a little magic from my Team Sparkle skirt, along with a pair of their race legs (which I may use as arm warmers depending on the weather).  I ordered a green version of my favorite Nike tank, and it arrived yesterday.  Last night, the girls and I got busy customizing our shirts for race day.  I'm thrilled with the outcome.  Sunday is a big game here in the Midwest... Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears.  The oldest rivalry in football begins just hours after the marathon.  I clearly side with the defending World Champions!
My Packers themed outfit will surely ensue comments along the course!
The girls got to design their own race shirts too.  Big Girl wants to run the
 1 mile, while Little Girl will do 1/4 mile in Saturday's kids runs.

2.   RACE STRATEGY.  While I'm trying not to focus on a "time" for my first marathon, as a runner that is hard to do!!  I don't really know what to expect, but judging off my 20-mile training runs, I'm mentally planning a strategy so I don't blow up at the end.  The first couple miles, I know my adrenaline will be pumping.  My last half marathon, I busted out an 8:42 in the first mile.  Yeah, I gotta reign that in this time around.  I plan to time-check myself frequently to make sure I start slow enough.  My goal is to keep pace above the 10 min mark.  I run best when I can keep myself at an even pace.  I'm hoping to finish somewhere in between 4:30 and 4:50, which would be somewhere in the 10-11:00 min range.
Chase Chart... Click to enlarge

3.  CHASE CHARTS.  A lot of figuring out my race strategy is to help out my cheerleaders.  My family finds it helpful if I can give them approximate times when I'll be crossing mile markers.  At any time, they can look at the map and see where to catch me next... especially since my hubby is running the 5K at the same time.   The best Chase Chart I've found is at Races2Remember.  Enter in race starting time, your "earliest finish time" and then your "latest finish time" and it spits out a nice chart with clock times.  So my family will know that sometime between 9:13 - 9:20 am, I'll be passing the 10 mile marker.  This is especially helpful in bad weather!

4.  PLAN FUEL.  I'm still debating on how to fuel during the race.  The race will have GU on the course, but haven't released the flavors yet (gotta admit, I'm kinda picky on that).  I will surely run with my handheld bottle containing nuun.  That has been the best addition to my runs this round of training.  I'll probably throw a couple GU's in the pocket to be on the safe side and then give a couple to my family in case I need them along the route.  It's always been a tough balance for me on taking too much food/drink on the run.  I train well, but tend to overdo it in a race.  This is one race I can't afford a tummy ache (like poor Rachel last weekend!).

5.  TRAVEL PLANS.  I'm so happy I have family coming with to watch me run the marathon!  But that requires a little bit more planning in the travel arena.  Thankfully, we've got the whole pre-race dinner figured out.  My wonderful parents are going to hang at the hotel with the kids while hubby and I take in the pasta dinner, expo and speaker (Bart Yasso!!!).  My kind of Date Night! 

Typing this is reminding me on other things on the checklist... O'dear, I better get to it!

Check it out... I'm now a custom web address!

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  1. You've got this all figured out. I love that chase charts idea. Your outfit is perfect, now go and execute your plan and have fun!

  2. I am loving the race duds! Seriously. And let me add that a local boy (Randall Cobb) is now a Packer... he kicked butt in his most recent NFL debut. Ahem. Anyway, back to running... you are gonna rock that race! Can't wait to hear ALL about it!

  3. That outfit turned out awesome! I wish I would have had that for my race. Next time...

    The girl's shirts turned out great too, they are so adorable!

    I am so excited for you. Your stomach will be fine - I am pretty sure my problems were from having the flu a few days before because I didn't do anything different from training.

    Can't wait to hear how much you rock it!

  4. I am not a Packer fan...but that race outfit! CUTE! good luck to you!

  5. Counting down! Your outfit is perfect for you and the girls look so cute!

    Hoping you all have an awesome weekend.

    Love that chase chart. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Love the race outfit. Good luck! You will do awesome. It sounds like you have thought of everything and are ready. Can't wait for the recap!

  7. I love your race outfits, super cute! And you kids are super adorable!

  8. love the outfit and the girls' shirts too! GOOD LUCK and KICK BUTT!!! seems like you've got it all figured out!!!

  9. As a lifetime Packer fan, I will say that your outfit FREAKING ROCKS. I love it. Good luck at your first marathon. Concentrate on having fun, I hope you meet your goals.


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