Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marathon Mile Dedications

I get asked a lot... "What do you think about for that long?" while running.  Everything!  On Sunday as I tackle my first marathon, here are a sampling of things/people that will cross my mind.  To you, I dedicate these 26.2 miles...

1 • Runners Unite!  So happy to be a part of the runner community!  I've met some really cool people and made friendships that I know will last a long time.
2 •  All my blogger friends - Starting a blog this year has been the most rewarding activity ever. There just aren't enough miles in a marathon to name you all.  You've been so encouraging - and your advice priceless!!  Thank you!
3 • My neighbors - who by now must all think I'm crazy, running up and down our street.  Several have helped me in my training by watching the girls when I'm stuck in a pickle.  And everyone always has such nice encouraging things to say!  I just wish more would run with me.
4 • Jennifer S. - One of my newest friends who is quite possibly the happiest and most motivating person I've ever met.
5 • My in-laws - Always supportive and offering to watch the girls when I "need" to run.  Love you!
6 •  Bekah - So proud of my girl, who just a year ago hated to run.  Read her story HERE.

7 • Kristen - My Spin & WRB Challenge partner!!  Together we're the Triple-F's... Fabulously Fit Friends!  After baby #2, she's working hard to get herself back.
8 • Grandma Helen - Always has a big hug and proud of me.  Love you!
9 • Angie - The only person I know who will run at 5am with me!  She's fast and pushes me along.

10 • Danelle - A childhood friend, we've cheered each other on all summer in our training. So proud of her for rocking her first half marathon last weekend!
11 • My cousin Julie - I know there's a runner in there somewhere!  You can do it Jules! A healthier you awaits...
12 • Military families - The absences are hard. Sacrifices heart-wrenching. God Bless the U.S. solidiers and their families.

13 • Danyelle - who convinced me to run my first half marathon... and I've never looked back.
14 • Hot Pants runners - This group of ladies are so inspiring to me, not only for their running, but their close friendships.
15 • Dawn - One of my best friends! Not a runner, but a super fit hot momma! When hubby has to work, she watches my girls for me so I don't miss out on my Sole Sisters.  In fact, she's the closest thing I've ever had to a real sister.  xoxo
16 • My Dad - He is here cheering on my marathon instead of bow-hunting.  This is huge, folks!  He hasn't always "gotten" my running, but always has my back.
17 • Cancer survivors - I do a lot of fundraising to fight cancer.  Currently, DetermiNation!  What can I say... Cancer sucks!  And just when I think it's getting tough... I'm thankful that I'm healthy enough to be out here, even if I am running in the rain...
18 • Cathy - I love talking running with you!  I may never be able to keep up with you speedy-gonzalez, but I still enjoy our running friendship.  Good Luck in Chicago!
19 • Race Spectators - For all the people who will hold signs, call out my name and cheer me on, thank you for being out here.  It makes the experience so much more fun!  I don't think they realize how much a runner like me appreciates it.
20 • Grandma Lillian - I know you're cheering me on from above.  Give me strength to push past the "wall".

21 • Sole Sisters - I love each and every one of you.  This will be a hard mile, so I'll imagine all of you by my side on a typical Wed night run. Thanks for being my partners in crime.

22 • My Mom - My biggest cheerleader, always and forever.  She makes me believe I can do anything.

23 • My Hubby - When it gets hard, he's the one I turn to.  Always my ROCK.

24 • Big Girl - My runner girl.  You changed my life when you made me a momma!  
25 • Little Girl - My little dickens, I love you so much!  She's my favorite running buddy (of course she gets to ride in the stroller with snacks while I sweat my butt off!)

26 • This one is all for ME!  I'm in the happy spot in life right now... and so much of that I owe to running.  As I look back just 3 years, I have a big smile at how far I've come!


  1. Thanks Jess for the dedication! I have learned a lot from reading your blog and always look forward to reading it. I know you will do great in the marathon!

  2. Aw, you have me in tears! Yes, me. Darn it and even on a Saturday morning! Thank you for dedicating a mile to me and yes I noticed it was mile 13! Our 1/2 marathon together is one of the best memories of my life! I will be thinking of you every mile tomorrow! Love ya, McMullin!

  3. Wow Jess... Your strength and dertimination brought me to tears.. I so admire you.. I'll be thinkin of you tomorrow and sending some possitive vibes your way.. Praying for an injury free run and that it will be all you want it to be.

  4. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! I will be thinking about you tomorrow!!! :) Hugs!

  5. Beautiful post Jess. Can't wait to read about every mile... you're going to rock them all!

  6. We're all thinking of you Jess and will be as you add this milestone to your life! Have a BLAST!!! I know you will!!

  7. Have a great time at your marathon! I know thinking of these people will get you through the tough moments!

  8. Good luck tomorrow, Jess!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  9. You already know I think you are amazing...and possibly a cyborg. Thank you for dedicating mile 6 to me! You have been such a major inspiration to me. I'm so proud of you and wish you luck, love, and excellent running vibes!
    Peace, love, and happiness...and running. :)

  10. Awww, you are too kind to mention the Hot Pants! It is so good to know we've inspired anyone, let alone a fabulous lady runner cyborg such as yourself! You are truly inspiring and I find myself that much better just by having the pleasure of meeting you this Summer :-) You rocked that marathon, girlfriend! Looking foward to much more happy running with you in the future...and the Cupcake Classic of course!

    Hugs! Robynn


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