Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hats I Wear

As women, we attempt to fulfill so many roles in one day lifetime.  As my husband notes, we do this completely to ourselves.  Duly noted and probably true.  It can be stressful to wear so many great hats at once, but the rewards are plenty.  And I gotta admit, I kinda get a rush from my smooth ability to multi-task.  Is there an endorphin for that?

I'm a MOTHER to two beautiful girls, although this week that job has been pretty easy.  Since it's Spring Break, my kids are spending a week at Grandma's house.  While I miss them like crazy, I'm totally loving the free time to do what I want when I want.

I'm a WIFE to an awesome man.  With the the kiddos gone this week, we've reverted back to behaviors unlike two responsible parents. Our words have been teasing and playful.  We've drank beer.  Last night, I felt like a kid again, whizzing down the trail on our bicycles as we raced each other to each mile marker. I treasure the days when marriage is fun.

I'm a TOUGH CHIK. I feel like all my athletic adventures fall under this title... runner, spinner, yoga-ist(?), cyclist, (trying to be) swimmer.  Tough Chik is a state of mind.  To me, it means the openness to try anything, to make the most of life's opportunities.  Fail, get back up. Succeed, do it again (but faster and better next time).  If you haven't caught the Tough Chik fever yet, check out Team Tough Chik.  I joined in January and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this amazing diverse group of women.  Membership reopens May 1-13 to join Team Tough Chik (sign up here for an email reminder).  If you choose not to join "the team," you can still sport the goods and feel tough! The Tough Chik Shop offers a cool variety of apparel - performance gear and casual tees.  My only advice... size up, they do run on the smaller side.

 My Team Tough Chik racing singlet

Comfy t-shirt for sporting my toughness when I'm chillin'

The gear you can win from Tough Chik in the Jelly Bean virtual race!

I'm a BUSINESS WOMAN.  It's spring, so my wedding/graphic design business is picking up... fast!  Time to get back to work so we can pay for our Disney trip this fall... but it's really messing with my workout time!

I'm a SUPER HERO.  If you missed my application video for the nuun Hood-to-Coast team, check it out here.  Kinda one you don't wanna miss it... It will guarantee to make you laugh.

I'm also ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER.  I was featured here last Friday by two of my favorite authors.  Their book Run Like A Mother was a like a bible to me when I first started running and the kids were babies.  It literally spoke to me.  So I was absolutely honored when they asked to feature me!


  1. You are you!...and that's a pretty nice place to be when you are happy with your many hats! What a happy and lovely post!

  2. That is a wonderful combination of hats to wear!

    Glad you and the hubby are having fun as a couple this week. Enjoy!

  3. Great post! You wear all of your hats FABULOUSLY!

  4. Love your video! Congrats on being Another Mother RUnner too. I think that was the first time that I already "knew" who they were introducing us to!

  5. What an awesome post! I am innspired by you!!!

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  7. Hey Jess! Your video was so creative and cute - I hope you're one of the lucky 36! :) Thanks again for organizing the virtual race, I had a great time running it yesterday (dressed head to toe in purple, or course!)

  8. you are definitely a TOUGH woman!!! you go girl, for balancing all of that! I love silly times with my hubby...makes us feel SO young and silly, back when we had no responsibilities or worries!

  9. Yes, you are a tough woman and definitely a super-hero.
    Moreover you have an important thing in common with my wife: you both are wives to awesome men!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So what does it mean to be a Tough Chick? I looked at the website but wasn't sure what it means.


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