Monday, April 2, 2012

I run - Call me Sexy

I found the Sexy Mom's Running Club last summer as I wandered around the Chicago race expo.  The ladies exuded energy as they passed out free water bottles. Since then, I've been following the Sexy Mom's Running Club on Facebook, Twitter and receiving great e-newsletters.

What is Sexy Mom's Running Club?
"We are the first national club created specifically to help women of all ages
 feel good and achieve fitness goals by providing, support through fun, entertaining, 
and sexy tips for a healthy, active lifestyle. Together we’re dedicated to 
achieving fitness goals, embracing our curves."

The online club offers women of all sizes and fitness levels helpful information on running, general fitness, nutrition and fashion.  They are in the process of rolling out a new line of apparel designed especially for the runner size 8 and up.  Check out what's in the Sexy Mom Shop so far.

Looking for a training plan?  The SMRC website is a great resource!  Check out the specialized plans here.

I can't wait to meet the "Queen Sexy Mom" Becky when I run the Bayshore half-marathon on Memorial Day weekend in Traverse City, Michigan... the home of Sexy Mom's Running Club.

Sexy Mom's Running Club has generously donated an ipod shuffle
SMRC hat and water bottle as a Jelly Bean prize!

Are you a Sexy Mom yet?  In fact, you don't even need to be a mom, just a runner (because if you run, we already know you're sexy, right?!)
Join Sexy Mom's Running Club free here.
Follow on Twitter.
Like on Facebook.

What defines "sexy" to you?


  1. Sounds Awesome! I hope I win.. I want to be a sexy mom.. I doing my Jelly Bean race this week.. fingers crossed.

  2. Sexy is in the way my husband look at me.
    It's also the way my running skirt moves around and makes me feel confident no matter how sweaty I am because I'm achieving something amazing.

  3. I just started following this group them!!! Good luck at the Bayshore. Being a Michigan native and LOVING Traverse City, its on my "to do" list! Jealous :)


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