Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Perfect Running Partner

This post is dedicated to my training buddy and good friend 
who is running her very first Marathon in St. Louis, Missouri this Sunday.
Patty and I were introduced last fall and I immediately liked her.  She is so incredibly 
easygoing and we run really well together (for ALL the reasons in the chart above!)
She is also a member of the Illinois Air National Guard like my husband, 
so we spend many talks swapping military stories and gossip.

I love the fact that Patty isn't afraid of a cold winter run.

A Christmas Eve long run with the Sole Sisters.  I think it might have been on this long run that Patty told me she registered for her first marathon.  It started my wheels turning, "Hmm, maybe I should run one too..."  The rest is history.

A scenic long run with Patty that was full of snow.

 Battling knee issues in the midst of training is no fun, 
but Patty made it through her first 20 miler!

Patty, Barb and I ran nearly all our big mileage runs together, 
each of us training for a different marathon event.

 Look at us all matchy-matchy!
I struggled on this simple 13 miler.  I think Patty literally pulled me along.

We celebrated the start of Patty's taper with some cold brews
after a Friday night long run.

All the hard work is done.
Your 26.2 is just one big victory lap.
Enjoy your day!


  1. "All the hard work is done.
    Your 26.2 is just one big victory lap.
    Enjoy your day!"

    I LOVE that :) Best of luck to Patty!

  2. Wishing you all the best Patty!!

  3. Good luck Patty! Patty walked with me as I ran at my first Sole Sister run back in Dec of last year! Loved meeting her and wish her the best!

  4. Great story, Jess! I tried leaving a comment yesterday, however, I am not i-phone compatible. :) I enjoy running with you, too! Thanks for all the nice things you said about me. It was very sweet and thoughtful!


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