Monday, April 30, 2012

Marathon To-Do List

Marathon week has arrived.  I've been too distracted the last couple of weeks to realize how quickly the days were ticking away. Now today the reality is sinking in... Marathon #2 is just 5 days away! In many ways, I feel ready but doubt has definitely reared its ugly head.  

I still have no idea what I'm going to wear. I had an outfit semi-planned, but I think the weather is going to be warmer than originally expected (high now of 73). I think I'll be packing an assortment of interchangeable tops/bottoms to make a gametime decision.

My To-Do List for marathon week...
  • Print out driving directions
  • Figure out babysitter for kids Friday afternoon
  • Plan/pack race outfit and post-race clothes
  • Tweek playlist for the last 13 miles / Charge ipod
  • Plan meals for a week of clean eating
  • Drink Emergen-C twice a day all week
  • Watch an inspirational sports movie 
  • Treat my feet to a pedicure plus manicure
  • Book a massage appointment for next week
  • Finish work projects by Thursday
  • Relaxing reading
  • Early to bed all week

Do you have any rituals that you do during a big race week?

My last long run didn't go as planned this past weekend.  I was highly unmotivated.  The weather was blah. We had a crazy schedule and a very sick kiddo (meaning momma didn't sleep much).  Saturday afternoon I finally got myself out the door with all the gumption I had left.  Just one mile in and my husband texts that he's gotta head into work earlier than expected.  So after 8 miles, I returned home to finish the 10.5 miler on the treadmill.  I hate it when training ends on a sour note.  This afternoon will be my last "effort run" - a 6 mile tempo.  Here's hoping it goes down with more encouragement.

Workout plan for the week…
Mon – yoga, bike, run 6 mile tempo
Tues – yoga, easy 5 miles, spin class
Wed – yoga, 3 miles at race pace
Thurs – rest
Fri – rest


  1. Good luck Jess! I am doing my first marathon in July and this is a good reminder of things I need to be thinking about.

  2. Good Luck on the your second marathon!!

  3. You are going to do great at this race!! I wish I was able to come up just to spectate but I have to get my bib for my Sunday race! I really liked the course and the support of this race. I hope you will to!

  4. It will all come together and you are going to KILL it! I cant wait :) Can we track you?

  5. Good luck - my second one will be in Nov. I have a half coming up shortly though.

    Im always iffy on getting a pedicure right before a long race ... the calases (sp?) are protective and if they cut the cuticals too close it could be a painful run. Damn I cannot spell today!

    Good luck!!!

  6. blogger stole my comment!

    ANyways good luck! Make sure they dont cut your cuticals too short or mess too much with the bottom of your feet... too soft of the soles can be painful after 26 miles :)

  7. Breathe :) You are going to do great! My forecast still says 63. Remember, you will be along the lake for a good chunk of it, so that'll keep things cool. AND they'll change their minds 20 times between now and saturday!

    Hope we get to meet!

  8. I just looked at the weather. Now they are saying cloudy and a high in the upper 50s.

  9. GOOD LUCK JESS! Awesome is overflowing with you. I haven't raced in a while, but I like the phrase, "Trust your training". And, visualization is key too!

  10. oh good luck to you! you are going to run the heck outta that race! I can't wait to hear all about it and see the excitement on your face in pretty!!!

  11. Awesome plan! Best of luck and cant wait to hear about it! Erica

  12. You are ready and are going to rock it! Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  13. Good luck!! You are totally gonna kick some ass!

  14. The week before the marathon is the toughest! Just relax and take it easy this week. My mantra is: "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right! Believe in yourself!". So many things can happen during a race and many of you can not prepare for, but if you stay positive you can do anything you set your mind to! Good luck!!

  15. I'm always thinking a pedi will be nice before a big race but then I get nervous about anyone touching my feet. One slip & it could all get messed up & sore? Anyway - Sounds like you got it and are ready. Good luck & have fun!

  16. This WI girl wishes you good weather, a great time, and a fun race!

  17. The best of luck, can't wait to read how you got on after marathon. I am running my first marathon this Sunday in Limerick in Ireland, feeling pretty nervous but excited as well. Think your blogs are brilliant really funny and how a real women has to try and find time for running when you have kids, job etc.

  18. I love ritual. We have pizza the night before. J arrive 1 hour early and get comfy

  19. You are going to do great!

  20. Good luck!! I never would have thought about booking a massage appointment for after the race but it should feel wonderful.


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