Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skirt to the Finish!

First off, happy Easter to everyone!  If you're anything like me, I ate way too much yummy food.  Today is also the finish line for the Jelly Bean virtual race.  My inbox has gone crazy this weekend. I haven't been able to respond personally to everyone's emails, but have thoroughly enjoyed your stories and photos. It warms my heart to see so many families and friends enjoying the sport of running together.  Kudos to you all for encouraging others to join you!

Don't forget to report in your finish times (and photos) no later than Tuesday, April 10 at 12 noon CST.  You can email me with the time/photo or just input your time into the online spreadsheet.

Did the holiday week get busy for you?  Unable to complete your Jelly Bean race by Sunday?  I will extend the virtual race one extra day (Monday) for you to run... but your results are still due in by Tuesday, April 10.  Now no excuses... go get it done!

I have one final Jelly Bean sponsor to share with you... this will surely motivate you to complete one extra event tomorrow!  SparkleSkirts are one of my favorite companies.  It's no secret that I love to dress fun while on the run - with a special fondness for skirts, but I don't like to comprise the performance that my compression shorts provide.  With that being said, the SparkleTech skirt is the perfect mix of both.  It has an A-line skirt that flatters any body type with built-in compression short underneath. These shorts are quality made (in the USA) with moisture-wicking material.  With a 6" inseam, the shorts are long enough to protect even the toughest of thighs (like mine!)  I've put it to the test... and the skirt/short combo of the SparkleTech works great for long distance events.  In fact, my standing PR for the half-marathon, I raced in a SparkleTech skirt. 

All SparkleSkirts have a handy 12" zippered compartment by the waist to store keys, an ID, energy gels, etc.  (SparkleSkirts are also versatile enough that you can wear it backwards to put the compartment in the back.)

The SparkleTech has so much storage that makes it ideal on long runs.  In addition to the front compartment by the waist, there is also a large 4x4" pocket on the outside of both thighs, perfect spot to slip my iPhone.

SparkleSkirts are available up to size 4x.  I love this fact because I believe all shapes of women deserve to feel good on the run... and SparkleSkirts do just that! The customer service from owner Leah is outstanding.  She's super nice and passionate about her beautiful creations.  If you're looking for something unique, inquire about SparkleCostumes. The SparkleSkirt team will create a look perfect for your race... Elvis, Ariel, Cinderella or even a wedding skirt.

Are you running a Rock 'n Roll event this year?  Check out their Rock-N-Roll skirt...

For me, I've got my eye on the Betsy Ross skirt (rumored to be out of production late this month) for my run at the Air Force Marathon...

This is one business you definitely want to follow on Facebook {here}. She is always sharing prototypes and looking for your feedback.  Special thank you to Leah as she will be prizing ONE SKIRT OF YOUR CHOICE to a lucky winner of the Jelly Bean virtual race!!  


  1. Love that skirt! I'll keep an eye out for you next fall. Just put my times in, since I forgot to take a photo both days I ran one of the distances. Happy Easter!

  2. Those skirts are too cute! :)

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful virtual race! I enjoyed my run today!


  3. Super cute skirts! :) Thank you Jess for hosting this awesome virtual race - it was the confidence boost I needed heading into my first-ever 10K next weekend! :) :)

  4. That Betsy Ross skirt ROCKS! I've never tried a running skirt but I am excited to see if I win one!

  5. Ahhh, those skirts are AWESOME!! :)

  6. Whoa! Those skirts are awesome! Headed to the web site right now! :)

  7. I love that Betty Ross skirt.

  8. Awesome! I love the US flag one! I am running the Hero's half this month. I have to have it:)

  9. i love those skirts! how fun!!!

  10. I have to admit I didn't know they made anything aside from the sparkly skirts. I love how there's so much storage built into the skirt.

  11. I just wore a skirt during a race for the first time a few weeks ago and it was great. I'd love to win a Sparkle Skirt!


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