Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Stay The Course!

Resolutions are for people who want to change... which is where I'm stumped right now. I'm pretty happy inside. This past year, I feel like I've finally arrived at where I want to be. Working out, running, Spinning, cycling, sweating is no longer something I force myself to do for some resolution I made on January 1. It's what I want to do. It's become a way of life for me. I literally plan my day around when can I run. Sometimes I even feel guilty because it is always on my mind. I may be sitting at the kitchen table doing crafts with my kiddos, but I'm gazing out the door longing to run.  I may be nearing addiction... but hey, it makes me smile and it's healthy, right?!

On the outside, I'm still struggling with weight and appearance. That's been ongoing since I've been like 12 years old, so I'm not expecting 2013 to magically give me any peace there. Nevertheless, I continue the battle in the Run Your A$$ Off weight loss challenge. The goal is to lose 4% each month January through March. That would put me in great shape for my spring races. Weight loss right now signifies faster race times and less stress on my body with each run. That is what drives me the most to keep pushing the weight loss.  But I refuse to call this a "resolution," because then I'd be repeating the same resolution for nearly 20 years and that just sounds like failure.

Last year, I had a lot of fitness goals. For 2013, it's pretty simple... few in numbers, but large in the amount of work that it will take to attain them.

1. PR at Eugene Marathon... beating a 4:18, ideally coming closer to the 4 hour mark. This won't be easy; marathons never are. This is my #1 driving goal for the next four months. Everything I do for the next 118 days will lead me here.

2. Complete a Century Ride. I really fell in love with cycling last year, and would like to explore this sport more. (The only downfall is that it cuts into my running time... but I enjoy the mix.)  A 100-mile ride is a big feat for any cyclist, comparable to a runner's marathon I would assume.  I've got my eye on the Door County Century Ride (Sept). I haven't been to that area of Wisconsin since I was a little kid, but remember the pretty scenery well. A camping/cycling weekend there sounds just dreamy to me.

3. Step up the TRI to the olympic distance. Last year, I finished my first sprint triathlon. In 2013, I'd like to challenge myself with the olympic distance. Essentially that forces me to spend more time in the pool. Swimming is such a great cross-train, and I found it really helped to widdle my middle. I enjoy it when I force myself to do it. So much room to grow...

In general, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing...
• Maintain weekly run mileage around 30 miles or 120 per month. Hit 1500 again for the year.
• Always be half-marathon ready. A long run (10+ miles) every weekend unless I'm recovering.
• Train smart. Do whatever it takes to stay healthy.
• Race 8 more states in my goal to Race All 50.

Outside of my fitness world, I have work to do in other areas of my life. Call them resolutions if need be, but I highly doubt they will ever be a one-year kind of goal...
• Spend less time on the computer and more time being in the moment with my kids. Sigh, they are growing up so fast...
• Go to church more and grow my faith. Busy family schedules have really disrupted this for me.
• Give my husband more. More gratitude. More time. More patience. More hugs. More attention. More forgiveness. And that will all add up to more love.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2013?
And what's your PLAN to get there?


  1. Looks like you are going to have an awesome 2013!!!! Happy New Year! Erica

  2. I am thinking I will be doing the Oshkosh Olympic distance triathlon if you're interested in joining me. I know you did it last year so it would be the same one but we could do it together!

    1. I liked that event so much last yr, that it's exactly where I'm thinking!! :)

  3. More miles and less weight. Get to under 150 again and stay there! Happy New year!!!

  4. I'm really hoping the weight loss challenge helps me with that aspect of my goals, too!

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  6. Great post! Funny enough, I've been battling with weight for a long time now but that is not my resolution, it's simply a goal and although I feel better than I did this year I feel that continuing to lose weight is not just a result of running but it will aid me in races. So I just need to get to 150 by the end of January (will be very tough) and 130 by my birthday on may 13th. I'm not much in resolutions either since for the first time I managed to end the year 20 lbs slimmer. But this year I simply want to run my first half marathon and in the process, get my boyfriend to work out with me. Training is inevitable to get me to the half marathon and definitely keep myself in check when it comes to being injury free. As to my boyfriend, I got him to do a fun run with me on new years day and have convinced him to work out a little each week, even if its just 15 minutes on the bike and then add a plank or some squats/pushups/etc. I'm hoping that he can even do some of my training runs with me once a week and use soccer as my cross training for the week.

  7. I love it that you're happy with the athlete you've become and that you're framing your weight loss in terms of how it can affect your running. I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

  8. love this post and your goals for the new year! LOVE that you refuse to add weight loss in there...I've battled body image and losing those last 10lbs for like five years now, maybe if I focus on being healthy, increasing my mileage and faster pace, the weight will slip off too?! Here's hoping! thanks for the motivation, as always!

  9. Nice goals! I'm hoping to do a triathlon or two this year as well, although that'll probably require me to travel down to the Colorado Front Range (not too much out here in western Nebraska). As for your century bike goal, a century ride may be the cyclists equivalent to a marathon, but it's nowhere near as painful in my opinion. Century rides are so much fun!

  10. Great post and goals. Thanks for hosting the Run your A$$ Off Challenge. I knew I was ready to get back to weight loss mode after the holiday, but this was just a little bit of extra motivation. I'm down 5 pounds already - yeah so happy!

    You can totally do the Olympic Tri. It's a great distance, as a non swimmer I will say the swim portion is HARD. But you can do it. Good luck with 2013!

  11. These are great goals for 2013! Hope it's a good year for you.

  12. Wonderful goals for 2013. I have a feeing you will do awesome in Eugene!!!!


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