Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Thank you all so much for the love expressed on my Blog-o-versary Giveaway post yesterday. I literally teared up reading your comments this morning. Words can't express. I need to do a giveaway like that more often! Ha!

As a newbie three years ago, I printed out a 16 week training plan and began running towards my first half marathon. I was scared to deviate or miss a run (like that would somehow stop me from reaching the finish line.)  Now as I've gone through numerous training cycles, I keep a 'big picture plan' but take training week-by-week. This week has served as reason why...

After Monday's interval butt kickin' and a triple dose of cross training on Tuesday, my body was begging for rest on Wednesday. I have learned through the years to listen to my body when its upset. There is nothing I fear more than getting hurt.  I did a little swap on my weekly schedule. Instead of a Wed morning tempo, I foam rolled and called it good. In the evening, I joined my Sole Sisters for our group run, however instead of darting along with the 10 min pace group, I took it easy and ran with the 11 minute group. Slow, easy and gentle on my sore quad muscles. It felt good and helped to work the soreness out.  Feeling better today, I'll facing that tough tempo this afternoon... 2 miles easy, 2 miles @8:44 and a 2 mile cooldown. Man, I get exhausted thinking about it...

I came home from my run last night... and my hubby had picked up my new car!!  We had looked around for several weeks at the ultra cool Durangos and Explorers... but I just kept looking at the backends thinking, "How on earth will I fit a bike in there?"  My kiddos and I like to hit the local bike trails in the spring, summer and fall. As they get older, I see this happening even more.  I knew the easier it was to toss all 3 bikes in the car, the more it would happen.  Ultimately, my vehicle decision was made based on the healthy lifestyle I want for our family.  Once you go mini van, you just can't go back.  I'm so happy driving it around today. And I still feel kinda "cool" since the inside is loaded with features, including a sun roof, which I really really wanted.

Do you ever flex or edit your training schedule?
What kind of vehicle do you drive? 


  1. :-) lol... I have a four bike bike-rack that you could have bought from me really cheap if you got the Durango or Explorer.

  2. my honda odyssey is the best vehicle I've ever had. I can fit everyone and everything in it. And it has over 200K miles and still is going! I'm trying to decide if I should get a new one this spring or make this one last another year.

  3. I drive a VW Jetta and I can not wait for the lease to is a great car just not me...I will be getting another just fits me better!!!

  4. I drove the van when the kids were small but not since. I am always adjusting my training schedule. Kids, work and life....

  5. Awesome about the new car! And good luck on the tempo this afternoon! I have to flex my training plans all the time. Now is one of those times. Going to lay low for a few days. Give my body what it needs and hope for the best. I always swore I would never own a minivan but...never say never. Love my Toyota Sienna! :) Perfect for having 3 kids. Better gas mileage than we would have gotten for an SUV.

  6. Congrats on the new car! And I totally feel ya on the Half Training...I have my second in a months time this weekend and I'm about burnt out. I love to run but I'm tired of thinking I "have to" run!

  7. Congrats! I drove my Dad's minivan 1x a week for 8 months and I still couldn't pull the trigger to get one in the end! It's pretty!

  8. You never ran a half? How did I not know that? You'll do great!!!

    I drive a surf blue PT Cruiser and I LOVE it!! I used to hate their look, but once I needed a car and I saw this color and that the dashboard matches, I was in love!!

  9. I suspect my next vehicle will be a minivan...but I drive a jeep compass that I paid off this year, and I plan on driving the thing into the ground before I get a new hopefully my boys stop growing and we can fit in there for a few more years! (we do have a truck too, that I can throw bikes into so that helps!)


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