Monday, January 14, 2013

Buck Up for Week 2

Week One of marathon training was full of ups and downs. I can't say I'm 100% pleased. My self-appointed grade for the week is a C+.  I completed the "three key runs" as outlined in the Run Less Run Faster plan; however, I missed the goal paces.

Weight Loss - Goal -2.0 lbs. • Lost -0.8. I was doing well until our Packer party on Sat...
Week Miles - Goal 31 miles. • Actual 30 done.
Nutrition - Plan healthy meals and track calories. • Fail. I never found time to plan meals and grocery shop accordingly. Tracking calories was hit and miss. I start the day well and then got sloppy in the afternoon.
Challenges - #plankaday #wallsit #pushups #squatathon. Completed all challenges daily except for the wallsit. I had some sore quad muscles and chose to skip that several days to give my quads time to repair.

Mon - Interval Run, Spinning  • Unable to hit dictated paces of Intervals, but workouts complete.
Tues - Yoga, BoxMania, Spinning, Core  Everything complete except Yoga.
Wed - Tempo Run, Easy Run with Sole Sisters  • I woke exhausted and with sore muscles from the triple cross-train on Tues. I decided to delay my Tempo Run a day, but completed the easy evening run. 
Thurs - Swim  • Fail. Still sore muscles, I took a complete rest day.
Fri - Yoga, Spinning  • Instead of Yoga in the am, I knocked out that Tempo Run. It was difficult but I was pleased with the result. Skipped Spinning in the evening to rest up for the Long Run.
Sat - Long Run  • Best workout of the week. Great weather and great friends to run 13.1 miles. Only 5 seconds off the goal pace.
Sun - Easy Run, Spinning  • Started off the morning instructing Spin class and hoped on the treadmill afterward for an easy 2 miles.
I knew this plan would be challenging for me. Trying to do weight loss along with it, even tougher. But I am determined to make it work. Sunday afternoon, I sat down to plan out Week Two. Taking into consideration the things I learned last week, I adjusted and tweeked the weekly goals.

Biggest lesson after last week was to change the cross training. While I enjoyed the BoxMania class last week, it was an impact workout on my legs. The roundhouse kicks made my hips hurt for days and my quads were jarred and sore from hitting the targets. I was expecting the class to be more of an arm workout rather than legs. Nope! So I've decided to replace that class with an less impact activity like swimming. I signed up for two swim sessions this week, and will take my boxing back to my home bag to focus on arms. I need my legs to be rested and ready for the "three key runs". Those remain the most important workouts of the week.

I also went grocery shopping and have made out a plan for healthy dinners this week based off the food I have in the house. No excuses. Round One of the Run Your Ass Off Challenge ends in two weeks and I have almost 4 pounds to eliminate yet to get a share of the $7460 pot. THAT is incentive to get serious.

How was your training and diet last week? Got a plan ready for this week?


  1. Where can I find that training plan printable??

    1. Click on the Printable tab at the top of my page. The blank template is there to download/print. :)

  2. I don't want to talk about it. Okay, actually I was going to msg you cuz I'm kinda freaking out about my plan. What week are you? I'm jumping in at week 14 cuz of Ragnar. I took it super easy, low impact last week. Today would have been my first speed workout and it didn't happen. Michael got up as I was stretching. By the time I got him back down I was out of time & just got on and walked/jogged mile just because it was on and warmed up. However, I'm totally freaking out about the paces, hitting them and trying to hold them for so long. I did program the dreadmill via ifit (that took forever) for the speed work tonight after Aby's VB game. So I'm going to just see if I can hang on for the program. I figure if I have to bump it down, something is better than nothing. Ahhhhhhh!

  3. 5 sec of goal pace is pretty darn amazing! As far as the nutrition goes... man the only thing that works for me is just planning it out. I hate it and its time consuming, but its all that works for me. Personally I don't know how I could manage exercise AND healthy eating if I had a family to look after, kudos to you!

  4. Does training for a marathon have to be so involved? Looking at this scares the sh*t out of me!!!

    1. No it does have to be so involved. I ran my first 2 marathons on one run a week (just a long run). That's not a joke either. However, experience sometimes bring the desire to push the limits rather than just finish. Trust me, nothing wrong with "just finishing", I've ran 4 that way and I'm a big proponet of keeping things simple. This plan is pushing it for me and I'm just going to take it one week at a time. If for whatever reason, I want to change plans, I will but I'm very fickle like that and think that just finishing is still an amazing feat. :o) So YOUR marathon plan can be as simple or as involved as you like. There is really a plan for everyone out there. Good luck!

    2. what Amanda said. My first plan was just building miles slow and steady. This round (my 5th marathon), I'm really pushing myself for a time goal. :)

  5. I LOVE the training calendar. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I am not sure i can follow such a plan! It seems like a mountain to climb! But how cool its to lose 4 pounds (i suppose its mostly fat) in a matter of 2 weeks?!?! Do you think its achievable?

  7. Week one of our marathon training isn't going so well either, we had to skip a run since I felt sick and my husband's shins were bothering him. We're running 5 days a week, swimming once and biking once so it's not horrible that we skipped it but I still feel guilty.

    Here's to a better week 2!


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