Friday, January 11, 2013

Tempo and a Winner!

My Early Morning Tempo Run
This morning I got up early (4:45am alarm) to complete my weekly tempo run... you know, the tempo that I was suppose to do Wednesday and then Thursday. {sigh} Week 1 of training has not gone as planned. However, I feel slightly better after logging the tempo in the books this morning.

As I headed out the door into the warm darkness (it was 54 degrees in IL this morning!!), I was eager for a run but not necessarily a tempo. Thankfully, I had two warmup miles to convince myself otherwise. The roads were wet and full of puddles from last night's rain, so I did a lot of jumping around to avoid wet feet (fail). Warmup miles: 10:27, 10:33.

The plan next called for two miles at an 8:44 pace. That's the tempo portion if you're not familiar with the term. I let out a big sigh and convinced myself to give it a try. My neighborhoods aren't exactly flat. They have some gentle rolling hills which normally I like for variety... except when I'm trying to bust out speed.  I didn't quite make my goal pace, but came close. It's painfully clear how much speed was lost during a fall focused only on distance. Tempo miles: 9:03, 8:47

I was thrilled to back it down for the cooldown miles. Thankfully, I was two miles from home or else I may have been tempted to cut it short. After a mile of cooldown, I felt back to normal and really enjoyed the final mile of this morning's run. Cooldown miles: 10:35, 10:21

It was a great start to a Friday, although not strategically placed in the week with my long run tomorrow morning. I need to sit down and review this past week... what worked, what didn't, and adjust my plan for week two of Eugene training.

I loved reading all the entries for the "Inspire A Friend" contest. All of them were so touching and made my heart sing. If you're looking for a little motivation today, click here and read the comments at the bottom. So inspiring!! I wanted to award every single entry, but sorry, I don't have enough prizes or funds for that.  I called in support from my two best sounding boards (Mom & Kelli) to help me pick a winner...
I'm a sucker for inspiring an ENTIRE FAMILY into fitness!
Keep it up Damary and Papi!

WINNER is Papi Extraordinaire
Please email me at your mailing address and I'll get your new NYCM shirt shipped out to you. Many happy runs to you and your wife!


  1. 4:45 a.m. during winter...hats off to you! I think the first week of training is supposed to be bumpy, right?

  2. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has to push myself sometimes to do what is best for me.

  3. wow, way to be disciplined and get out there before sunrise! I'm a wuss and am afraid to run in the dark... I know, I know!

    Great work and congrats to winner :)


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