Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday

If you've followed my training for any length of time, you know how much I despise the treadmill. Every step feels harder than outdoors... and the miles tick by so very slowly. Even with the music pumping through my fancy built-in speakers, it's still just boring.  With that being said, my last two runs have been on the treadmill, probably my first in over six months. I'm currently writing this blog post purely to procrastinate my afternoon run, which again will be forced onto the 'mill.  {sigh}  My hubby returns from his work trip tomorrow. I'll try not to look so eager to run out the door the minute he steps inside...

My Blog-o-versary Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so if you didn't enter yet... DO IT NOW!  A pile of my favorite things is on the line and one winner takes it all.  Your comments have all been so kind and helpful to give me direction.

One thing that I've repeatedly been asked for is healthy recipes. So you will be delighted to see I've created a Recipes page on the blog. I will try to post at least one new recipe each week and will link them on the Recipes page. Bon Appetit!

There are 11 days left in the first round of the Run Your A$$ Off weight loss challenge. The pot is over $7000 and I've got 2 lbs left to lose.  If you missed out on the first round, don't worry... the second round starts Monday, January 28. Just $10 to get in... Four weeks to lose 4%. Winners split the pot. Easy, right?  More details and sign up HERE.


  1. I love the treadmill, I know I am an odd one.

    1. I'm right there with you!

  2. wow i totally should have joined the first weight loss challenge with a pot like that! Wednesday is the first day I can start running again, and with the temps we've been having, it looks like i might have many dates with the treadmill unfortunately :(

  3. I don't mind the treadmill at all especially when I have something good to watch on TV!

  4. I had just posted earlier in the week that I think my gait on the treadmill is unnatural. My right knee hurts almost all the time I run on the treadmill, but I can run on the track or road twice as far and that doesn't happen.

    I live in a cold area where it's often too icy out to run. The local ice skating arena offers a run/walk track that's a neat place to run. Unfortunately, they close a lot for skating events, so I can't always run there.

  5. I need some serious distraction to get it done on the treadmill! I try to tape a lot of shows so I can watch them then!!

    Is this first round 7% or 4%? Just checking!!

  6. I just signed up for round two, need all the motivation I can get at the moment and I should be over the cold I currently have by then as well as be able to start some light jogging again if the physio gives the all clear by then!


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