Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Things Thursday: Challenge!

1.  Spin® Challenge!  If you follow me even slightly, you know I'm a fanatic when it comes to Spinning®.  In my opinion, it's the best cross-training to mix into your running program.  So this summer, I'm encouraging you and your friends to put a Spinning® class to the test!  This Challenge is for amateurs and the bike experts... virtual ride with me and win prizes in the process.  Click HERE for all the details on my August Spin® Challenge.  Starts in 4 days!  Throughout the Challenge month, I'll post more detailed information about why/how to Spin®.

Spinning® is a registered trademark of Mad Dogg Athletics.

2.  If you're up for Summer Challenges, how about the Presidental Active Lifestyle Award?  Your fitness routine is probably already there... commit to be active for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week... and track it.  "What gets measured gets managed."  If you sign up under's team here, you can save $10 off one of their races... that includes the Rock 'n Roll events!

3.  And now the hardest challenge of all... I challenge myself to consume NO chocolate or ice cream for the next 24 hours.  Can I do it?!?!?  I think that challenge will be harder than my 18 miler this weekend... 


  1. 1. - Love SPIN class I need to make it a priority to get there

    2. Summer challenge - ehh to much on my plate right now

    3. If I start now...I think I can do that. I this morning I had Dark Spicey Chocolate at 9AM, but I had also just gotten a ticket for talking on my cell phone while I needed it.

  2. I wish I had an affordable gym with spin classes closer to me :(

    No chocolate or ice cream? Hmmm. Now THAT'S a challenge! lol

  3. Darn, I had ice cream at the zoo today. However, I can easily stay away from both the next 24 hours, they are not my down fall. Good luck on your 18!

  4. ha! now thats one challenge I could excel at. I despise chocolate ice cream. I'd eat a but before I ate chocolate ice cream. :) blech

  5. One of these days I'll get you in my spin class Jess!!!!


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