Sunday, July 10, 2011

Race Recap: Main Street Mile

Friday night I ran this quick little 1 MILE race.  When was the last time you seriously pushed yourself and time trialed just one solo mile?!?!  For me, it was probably high school... and even then, I don't think I pushed myself as hard as I did Friday night.

The race had a small field of runners (384), split into three heats...
Heat One:  > 8:30 min/mile
Heat Two:  6:00-8:29 min/mile
Heat Three:  < 5:59 min/mile
I was in heat 2, predicting/hoping I could get around 8:00 mark.

The draw of this race is that it's all downhill, one steep hill in the middle...

It was an easy quick start, with congestion next to none since the entire Main Street was shut down for us.  The only split I caught was at 1/4 mile, which was 1:40.  I felt like I was being eaten up in the first half mile.  However, on the big downhill, I started to catch some runners in front of me.  (I've been training a lot on hills lately and feel like I've gotten better at running steep downhills without hurting or slowing down.)

I had plenty of gas for the second part of the mile. Main Street was lined with cheering fans and the ELITE Drum Corps, making it a pretty exhilarating run into downtown.  As you can see from the picture below, my arms were pumping, giving it everything I had to the finish.

Photo by the awesome Jenn at Losing 100
As I crossed the line, the clock read 6:58 and I was thrilled beyond measure!!  Unfortunately, I found out the next day that there were clock problems in heat two, adding roughly 30 seconds onto everyone's time...
Official chip time 7:24.  
#11 out of 27 in my age group
#222 out of 384 overall

The overall male winner finished in 4:02;  female winner was 4:43.
Holy crapola!  That is FAST!   It was fun to watch them speed across the finish!!

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  1. Nice work! It's so much fun to go all out for just a mile.

  2. That is a great time! Boo for them messing up on the chip timing. That sounds like a fun race!

  3. Good for you! Looks like you were having a great time and really working.

  4. That is a great time! I love your face in the pic. It really shows you were giving it your all.

  5. Congrats! What a cool race--and what a great time for you!

  6. Wow! Great job, very cool race! I would love to run just 1 mile and push as hard as I could go!

  7. Wow! Great time! That is cool. I can't think of when I clocked just a solo mile.

  8. Now I want to go out and find a mile race and see how I do! Great job!

  9. Nice job! Going all out for a mile sounds painful!!

  10. Sounds like a blast! I wish they had such a race here in Mass.

  11. holy cow, a 4 minute mile??!!! GEEZ!!! Your time was pretty darn awesome too :) I'll have to see if they host those around here in Texas!

  12. Way to tackle that mile. You were really going fast.

  13. congrats girly, I hope to finally be able to do the mile next summer!

  14. Nice job blowing your 8 minute goal out of the water! I don't think vie ever done a 1 mile trial.

  15. Nice job! You knocked that one out of the park!

    To train, did you do both hill training and speedwork?

  16. Holy Crapola 7:24 is fast too lady!!

    Good Job!


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