Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toe Kick!

Occasionally, I find myself getting a little sloppy on the run.  So I try to focus on different aspects of the proper running form.  Several months ago, the Editor's Letter in Runner's World (read it here) got me thinking about the "toe kick" aspect of the running stride.  He talked about lacking a back kick, making his toe-off less effective.

It got me thinking... Am I using the toe kick?  
Answer:  Not nearly to it's full potential!!

Now during my runs, I focus on my push-off a little more.  I typically land on my mid-foot/heel.  As I roll onto the ball of the foot, my leg, knee and ankle are fully extended.  At this point, I focus on the toe-off before lifting the leg up for another stride.  It seems like something so minor... but once I monitored it, I realized how lazy I was running.  The toe kick focus has helped me find an extra forward propulsion with minimal effort.

As I remind myself to "toe kick" during a run, I also can't help but think of the Toe Pick scene below from The Cutting Edge, one of my favorite movies.  It always brings a smile to my face.

The Takeaway... If you don't use it, you'll fall flat on your face!  LOL!

This morning, I beat the sunrise and got almost 7 miles done before 6:00 am.  It was a cool 62 degrees when I started.  After a week of hot humid summer, the cool air felt so good on my skin and in my lungs!

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  1. One way to make it happen is to envision riding a scooter--your feet should actually make that motion of pushing back like that.

  2. Never thought about the toe kick. I am learning so much! Thank you!

    Enjoy the cooler weather. It was 78 at 4:45 this morning with 100% humidity. It was not comforatble at all!

  3. love the movie first of all. Concentrating on form is the hardest. Do you do it while listening to music or no? I think it's harder that way.
    Plus I always think of watching Steve Prefontaine video clips of him running. His kick and stride make me go ( 0 ) ( 0 ) all bug eyed.

  4. I always think about this during a run, especially when I'm tired. I really under-utilize the toe push off, so when I'm feeling fatigued, those muscles are always fresh and ready to go!

  5. As soon as I saw the title of this post I thought "Toe Pick" - The Cutting Edge is pretty much the best movie ever!

  6. Toe Pick! A line that pretty much everyone knows! :)

  7. OH I love The Cutting Edge, what an amazing 80's movie, love the Toe Pick line!

  8. I knew from your post title it was directed to Cutting Edge...I L.O.V.E that freaking movie...seriously my favorite!

    I'll have to try the toe kick, but now that I am thinking of Toe Pick, I'll laugh out loud for all to hear!!! Ha!


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