Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Reset!

If you're following my training, you've probably already noticed that I have deviated, er abandoned, the Run Less, Run Faster plan.  It worked so well for my spring half marathon, but this summer it's been hard for me to zero in on the intervals, paces, tempos, etc.  

The other day, I stumbled across a blog HERE by Alex Respess from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  He talked about integrity to yourself regarding workouts.  Don't over-promise yourself... the only result is self-disappointment and loss of motivation.  So after six weeks of feeling like I'm "behind" on the training plan, I adjusted it.  I had to make adjustments for our busy summer schedule, vacations, and such.   I have no time goal for my first marathon.  I just want to reach the starting line healthy, enjoy the journey, and cross the finish like a rockstar!  New plan posted here.

I have totally flubbed here too.  The hours, days, weeks of summer fly by... It seems like everyone is running a different direction all the time.  Our family sit-down dinners have become the exception rather than the norm.  Net result... we're eating a lot on the go, which always means crap food.  Instead of losing, I've managed to gain a couple pounds.  As runners we're always trying to get faster, but I need life to sloooow it down right now!

I think I found the new quote for my treadmill dash...


  1. Love ya Jess! You did the right thing by adjusting your training plan. The reason there are so many training plans is because they don't all work for everyone!

    The couple of pounds will come right back off. Don't stress. Summer will be over before you know it.

    And i LOVE that slogan!

  2. Love those butt shorts in the quote! They are like a flashback to bad fashion!

    Love your outlook, we can't change the past and what we did or didn't do but we can change our perspective of the future and how we choose to move forward.

  3. Love the new quote for your treadmill - so true!

  4. Could that girl in the picture's shorts be any higher? Haha!

    I hear you, RLRF in the summer and vacations and heat is so tough. There's something about the routine of spring that helps it to work. Way to modify and stick with your goals!

  5. Love! All of it!
    The quote is PERFECT!

  6. You did the right thing adjusting your plan! You want to feel confident for your race not beating yourself up!

    I love the quote!!! It's perfect!!

  7. Thanks for sharing that blog. What an interesting perspective. It does show our differences. I "need" the routine of the tempos and intervals to keep me motivated. But, without realizing it, I followed that same advice. I have specifically marked which runs are "extra" and can be skipped all together without guilt.

  8. Hey, that's me in the photo. Quit ripping on my shorts!

  9. I think her butt is hungry!
    Good idea adjusting the plan and thank for showing that blog! I love that show!

  10. Hmmmm, we seem to be on a similar path! Totally had to reset my 1/2 training plan yesterday as well. 10 weeks away for me. And my diet, yeah, that's not on track either. Love the quote!

  11. Another great quote that I read tonight, thanks! I'll think of this tomorrow when I'm running my 8 miles.

  12. LOVE the photo of a normal/healthy woman!

  13. I love the running poster, but the girl in the picture kind of makes me mad. Those are some really small shorts: who has a butt that can fit into such small shorts! Not your average mom, let me tell you.

  14. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation (the girl in the picture is workin' it)!

    Winks & Smiles,

  15. LOVE THAT QUOTE!!! I needed it today :)


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