Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 Things Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

1.  Thanksgiving Race(s)
I woke up in a lazy mood today... and did not run first thing.  {AH- the Horror!}  I sipped my coffee, previewed the Black Friday ads, and did some shopping online instead of running.  {Gasp!}  Yeah, sometimes you just gotta go with the mood and enjoy a relaxing holiday morning.

Alas! Finally, I got my butt out there to complete my 5K for the three Thanksgiving virtual races.  While the kiddos napped and hubby snored away on the couch, I laced it up and ran 3.2 miles into the beautiful Thanksgiving sunset.  My time was 29:19 (9:09 pace).  I was pretty happy with that.  It was a little windy and along the airport here, our road is like a wind tunnel.  The first mile was directly into the wind and I had a tough time getting going, but I flew on the way home!  :)

Feed the Turkey 5K - hosted by
Thankful Healthy Blogger 5K - hosted by A Journey to Thin
Thanksgiving 5K - hosted by Daily Vitamin F

2.  Thanksgiving Food
I'm really proud of myself today.  I was proactive and avoided the gluttony of another holiday.  We went to a relative's house for dinner.  I brought my own bag of vegetables to microwave so I knew exactly what my calorie count would be.  Add in a couple slices of turkey breast... and I kept my Thanksgiving meal under 300 calories!!  I skipped the huge offering of desserts... and when we got home, I made myself a healthy Pumpkin Smoothie as my afternoon treat.  My food decisions today make me very happy.
That's 3 servings of veggies right there HBBC!
1/2 frozen banana
1 c. almond milk
heaping spoonful of light vanilla yogurt
1/3 c. pumpkin
handful of ice cubes (5-6)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tsp. vanilla extract
dash of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon
Top with light whipped topping and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Makes 1 serving of 308 calories.

3.  Thanksgiving Football

It just wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the highlight of the day... my GB Packers continue their perfect season (11-0 baby!!), beating the Detroit Lions 27-15.  It wasn't exactly a pretty or exciting game, but it's a W and that's all that counts!  My husband, on the other hand, is a Dallas Cowboys fan.  As I type, he is yelling at the TV... I have a feeling the second game of the day is not going so well.

And the Pearl Izumi giveaway winner is... #25

Hey Falon... Email me your address and I'll ship out your new Pearl Izumi goods!

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  1. Fantastic job on both your triple race and your healthy eating on a holiday no less!!

  2. Are you serious? I won something??? This is crazy! MY "wahoo" scared my cat.

    PS: Your thanksgiving plate was far superior to mine. The Proform should be here tomorrow am... time to get jess-style serious.

  3. whooo go jess! congrats on running through that "windtunnel" like a champ! happy thanksgiving!

  4. Great job on the Turkey dinner!! You have a lot more will power than I do!!!

  5. Awesome job on your Thanksgiving dinner! I know that mine wasn't under 300 calories, but I didn't eat awful either like I usually do.

  6. That is some serious will power Jess! Way to go! I did not make good food choices today but I did get out for a run, so I don't feel too horrible!

    GO PACK GO!!! I bet hubby is happy Dallas pulled out the win.

  7. Those veggies look good. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. congrats Falon. I love your PR! on thanksgiving too! way to go :) and I laughed at how many veggies you had on your plate lol love it

  9. Congrats to Falon.

    Nice going, Jess, on getting through such a food-oriented holiday, sticking to your meal plan AND getting out for the 5k run... you must feel so stoked that you are on the right track.

    What a great feeling of accomplishment! Good for you.

  10. Great job on the run and the eating Jess! Your plate put mine to shame!! And the dessert skipping is even more impressive, I have NEVER done that!!

  11. Congrats Falon! Great job on the 5K and props to you for making such healthy food decisions on Thanksgiving!


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