Monday, November 7, 2011

8mm is HUGE!

Last week, I received an intriguing little black box from Saucony...

with BIG news about an 8mm geometric change that could change everything about your run.  Check it out...

I myself have been working on my stride this year.  I'm typically a hard heel striker, and have been trying to focus my impact more on the midfoot.  It really does make the run feel easier and faster for me.  And I have less knee aches when I run with a midfoot strike.  So this news from Saucony had me interested enough to make a trip down to the local running store on Friday.  Unfortunately, they haven't received their shipment of the new Saucony's in yet, so I wasn't able to try a pair on... but it's worth a trip back.

Saucony reduced the height of the heel-to-toe offset from the average 12mm to 8mm.  This lets you land further midfoot, striking with less impact, giving you greater stability and control.

At 8mm your ankles, calves, knees, quads and hamstrings are in better alignment.  And better able to absorb the impact of the road.

This new alignment puts you in a more spring-like position, and works with your body's natural ability to coil and rebound.

Here's the shoe I want...
Saucony Progrid Guide 5
Their most popular shoe just got 1.5 oz lighter, more flexible, plus the 8mm heel-to-toe drop makes this stability shoe sound like a dream come true for my feet.  And does it get any cuter in pink and gray?

Now if you're more of a neutral foot, the Saucony Powergrid Triumph 9 might work better for you with an ultra-cushioned ride that lets you pile on the miles.  This shoe also got lighter and faster than previous models.  And yeah, we're ladies here... the pink and purple is adorable!

I think it's time to give Saucony another try!  
Personal Note - I ran my second half-marathon in a pair of Saucony's... still my favorite race to this date, so I have a little soft spot in my heart for Saucony.  Plus, they sponsored my birthday race, The Cupcake Classic, last month.


  1. Had a pair of Asics and developed severe knee pain...was fitted for Saucony's and haven't had issues since...due for a new pair around Christmas (Santa are you listening/)!

  2. I recently made a switch from Asics to Saucony. So far I love them! Lovin' those new changes and colors.

  3. I am wearing Saucony's again too. Bought 2 pair actually so I will a new one ready to go when these current ones need to be retired.

  4. Brooks just came out with their version, too, and I'm excited to try it but am restraining myself until I wear out my current pair. It's taking a LOT of self control!

  5. I live for my Kinvaras and took my Xodus 2 trail runners out today. Imma Saucony girl through and through!

  6. I tried different running shoes when I started running marathons but I'm a Saucony gal. Once I started wearing shoes one full size big... no blisters. No foot problems in over a decade. Good socks help too!

    Enjoy your new shoes. I will be buying a few pair soon too, I need trail shoes now. Have you ever ran in a trail shoe? So much different than a road shoe.

    Happy running!

  7. I cant wait to try the new Saucony Triump 9. I'm running in the Saucony ProGrid Ride 3. I tried the Kinvara 2, but the balls of my feet hurt way to much. For me the Kinvara's just didnt have enough cushion. So excited to get a pair of the Triumph 9. Now if my running store would just get them in. I call every day to see if they have them yet. Can you tell I'm obsessed about getting a pair of these shoes.I was so bummed that the Kinvara's didnt work for me because I really liked them.

  8. I've always been a Sacouny girl. I need to try these out!!! Oh I got my necklace yesterday....LOVE it!!! So many compliments on it today!!! Thank you!

  9. i used to run in triumphs (12mm) then switched to kinvaras (4mm) and couldn't switch back to the triumphs after tht. but I think i should try the 9s with the 8mm. Exciting!!

  10. I saw the news on their twitter page, you can try to win a pair on their facebook sweepstakes.
    I'm a saucony girl. I absolutely love my trail Xodus 2, enough to have 2 pairs at home. I have tiny narrow fit and they are like a glove.
    I'd be curious to try their 8mm though.

  11. I love my Saucony and am visiting Myrtle Beach this week and was wondering what stores in this area carry them... the internet is coming up empty for me..... HELP..!! Any Myrtle Beach locals here....


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