Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2012 Planning

Wowza... it's November!  I have my last half marathon of 2011 this Saturday and I'm getting a bit emotional about it.  In fact, it's kind of a state of panic... what will I do without a big race to look forward to?!?!  Despite my love of running, I still worry about falling back into my old ways.  Races on the calendar keep me honest.... keep me true to a running schedule of 25+ miles per week.  And I need that.  Not just for the weight management, but my personal sanity.

Last month I was busy making plans for spring races.  We had a group of 5-6 ladies (with our families) heading up to Green Bay, WI in May for the Cellcom Marathon.  D&M were to run their first full marathons.  B&K, their first half marathons... and I was along for the ultimate race - victory lap and finish inside Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers!  Hotels were reserved and the excitement was mounting to signup on registration opening day (today!)...
...and then BAM!  The event announced that because of construction 
inside the football field next summer, the marathon would 
not finish inside Lambeau Field for the 2012 race.  
My heart sank, and our plans fell apart.

It's rather embarrassing how running disappointments rattle me.  And the fall of our Green Bay plans was a big one.  I moped and complained for days (my poor husband!).  Thus the scouring of 2012 race calendars began.  While the new year seems so far off to me yet, it's amazing how many "early bird" registration specials are already done!  It kick-started me into a frenzy of planning my 2012 races.

I'm most excited over a winter getaway with the hubby in February... We're heading to Myrtle Beach, SC to escape the Midwest snow for five days.  Huh, it just so happens to be MARATHON WEEKEND there too!  How convenient!  The Myrtle Beach Marathon course is gorgeous, running alongside the Atlantic Ocean.  In fact, the 26.2 course had me soooo tempted to do a full again, but training in the snow convinced me to stick with the Half.

I haven't officially registered yet, but here's the plan for 2012...

April 7  Lincoln Presidental Half Marathon, Springfield, IL
Cheap entry and cool bling.  It's Easter weekend, so hopefully we'll be around.

April 22  Oshkosh Half Marathon, Oshkosh, WI
Love a good small town race, especially when it's in my hometown!

May 5  Wisconsin Half Marathon, Kenosha, WI
Beautiful lakeshore course and did I mention Cheese Bling?!

May 26  Bayshore Half Marathon, Traverse City, MI
Will make for a nice family vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  The entire course runs all along one of the bays off Lake Michigan.

My birthday weekend.  Inaugural race began in 1974, the year I was born!  Coincidence?!  It's a gorgeous course along the international waterways off Lake Erie, starting in Buffalo, NY and ending in Niagara Falls, Canada.  I think this would make for a really fun family vacation.  Not sure if this will happen in 2012, but eventually... It's a dream marathon of mine!

So what's 2012 look like for you?  
Have you registered for any races yet?  
Or haven't even thought about it?  


  1. I'd like to run the Dupont State Forest Half Marathon. A local race for me, easier on the budget. It's all trail :)
    Other than that, I'm starting to think about doing my first marathon, but probably not until 2013. Paris (France) is one option since I could visit family at the same time, but it's too early for me to decide yet.

  2. I'm doing the Nike+ Women's Half on January 15th and another half near me in March. That is all I have planned so far :)
    Good luck with your scheduling!

  3. I am planning also - so far I am registered for one half, and I am going to register for my second on Monday. A couple 5Ks on my radar to register for when they open.

  4. Looking good! Have been trying to make my own planning but I'm too demotivated. I run the cupcake and forgot to e-mail you details. I even "painted" my own cupcake shirt...
    Anyway, a few triathlons for 2012 but first... losing weight... even if it's only 10lbs... it'd be a start. I have to lose a whooping 35 (embarrassing!)
    You'll rock 2012! Go Jess Go!

  5. Great-looking schedule! Traverse City is very nice. I will look forward to reading the recaps!

  6. Have a great race! Your schedule is looking good. You must really like the half-marathon distance. :-)

  7. Hi Jess, I can thoroughly recommend the Niagara Falls race. I just did my first ever half-marathon there a week ago Sunday. The course is really nice as it runs through some quiet residential areas and most of it is beside the Niagara River. It's a great race.

  8. Bayshore is great. If you are going to do it, you MUST sign up that day because they will sell out very fast.

  9. i just registered for my 2012 race. callaway garden marathon in georgia jan 29th. :) last year there were 100-something marathon participants.. should be interesting.

  10. Your race calendar looks awesome! I'm doing a race a month to keep myself "honest" as you say...I need it!

  11. Your 2012 looks great! I'll see you in Oshkosh, and maybe at the Wisconsin Half Marathon!

  12. Your 2012 race calendar is looking awesome so far :)

    The Niagara Falls marathon sounds amazing!

    In 2012 I want to run the San Francisco full marathon and a few local half marathons. But so far the only race I'm registered for is the 10.6 mile race at the Big Sur Marathon {while my husband runs the full marathon there}. I hope to do the full Big Sur in 2013 :)


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