Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday #2

This past week started off so good.  I was determined after seeing a -6lb drop on my weigh-in last Wednesday.  I made it through Thanksgiving STRONG. UNWAVERING in the face of delicious food!!

And then Friday happened.  I fell and twisted my ankle into a pretzel during a simple 2 mile race (but really it's the muscles thru my foot that hurt).  The next day my whole foot was swollen up that I could hardly even walk.  Let's just say it's been a pitiful week for me.  There is no question that I'm an emotional eater.  When I get injured and can't run, I get crabby, frustrated and weak.  I turn to food.  ugh.

I didn't track my food in the absence of exercise for 3 days... and boy, I can feel it.  I'm not even facing the scale today.  Will have to wait until next Wednesday for an update.

But I brought myself back to reality yesterday.  Here's what I ate...

BREAKFAST: Vegetable Quiche Cups
These are an awesome punch of protein in the morning!  I make a big batch at once, and then freeze.  Only 50 calories each, they are a yummy and healthy way to start the morning.

1 pkg 10oz chopped spinach (thawed)
 7 eggs
3/4 c. shredded cheese
1/4 c. chopped green peppers
1/4 c. chopped red peppers
4-6 drops of hot sauce
1/4 c. onion
3 slices turkey bacon (cooked and crumbled).  
Cook spinach for 2 minutes in microwave and drain excess liquid.  Mix all ingredients into a bowl.  Scoop mixture into foil baking cups, sprayed lightly first with cooking spray.  Bake 350˙ for 20 minutes.  May freeze and reheat in microwave.

LUNCH: Taco Salad

SNACKS: banana, apple and granola bar

DINNER: Smart Ones meal, and I added in more broccoli and chicken.

It really wasn't even that good, but I was sulking as I iced my foot...

. . . 

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  1. awww when the late night treat is no bueno that is the worst! i feel like its blasphemy for companies to make MEH tasting ice creams, but they totally do! I stick with phis food from B+J when i'm feeling feisty =) hehe!

    hope your foot feels better! happy wiaw!

  2. Could you please sure your veggie quiche cup recipe? I think my kids might even eat those!

  3. Ha! I quickly read the title of this post on Facebook and was eagerly reading to learn "What I Hate Wednesdays"! I thought is was a list of things you currently dislike...I suppose the ankle thing would count as a big one.

  4. I'm an emotional eater too! I'm sorry that you're feeling bad about not being able to run, I hope it feels better very soon! I love those quiche cups, I'm going to have to make those.

  5. I love the mini quiches - you can make so many combos! :)

  6. The mini quiche look good, thanks for including the recipe...I love things I can make and then freeze. I'm not sure I knew you could freeze stuff with eggs, will try, wondering if the texture is funny?

  7. Those quiche look great! I will have to try that. Also, thanks for the holiday gift guide! I am totally sending it to all my family...

  8. Oh sister, I can so relate! I am going to have to steal that mini quiche recipe-breakfast is always a tricky one for me...

  9. The mini breakfast quiches look delicious! I definitely want to recreate those!

  10. We have all been there. back on the wagon you go. Those quiche cups look awesome! Thanks for sharing the recipe. YAY 12 days of fit christmas! Great idea!

  11. Thanks for the receipe on the quiche cups...they look delicious!

  12. awww, bummer about your ankle. feel better soon and don't get too down on yourself!

  13. The mini quiche cups are such a cute idea! They would be a great thing to make for a party or a brunch get together. Thanks for the idea!


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