Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday #1

Because I'm watching every morsel that goes into my mouth (see weight goal at end of post), I thought I'd join the WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) trend from Peas and Crayons.  Plus after losing 6 lbs this past week, I've had a lot of questions as to how...

First off, I'm tracking every piece of food that goes in my mouth on  It's free and easy to use.  Friend me (RunWithJess) if you use it - I love being held accountable!  

Secondly, I joined the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge hosted by Run to the Finish. Each day that 7 servings of fruit & vegetables are consumed, one scores a point.  So I've been trying to reach that and fill my belly in the process.

Here's a smathering of photos from What I Ate this week... 
Vanilla yogurt topped with granola, bananas, strawberries, raspberries and grapes.
BREAKFAST: 260 calories
Whole wheat tortilla filled with light mayo, lean turkey, shredded cheese,
red onions, and cucumbers with spinach on top (not shown)
LUNCH: 340 calories
Parmesan encrusted tilapia, broccoli, corn, roasted potatoes and a salad
DINNER: 575 calories
Pumpkin Smoothie - slightly altered recipe from Blonde Ponytail {here}
LUNCH: 310 calories
Believe it or not, this was completely filling for a meal!
Lean Cuisine meal with added-in broccoli and corn for more vegetables.  Delish!
DINNER: 380 calories
This is my seasonal drink "treat" but only allow myself 1 soda a day.
I wish they sold this flavor all year long.  When you're watching calories,
it's a great mixer with vodka for a 0 calorie holiday drink.

WEIGHT LOSS GOAL before Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on Feb. 18  
Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter


  1. Food looks great. I think I will eat this every day for a week and see what happens.

  2. 6lbs!! Way to go Jess!!! This food looks so yummy!!

  3. That all looks great!! Way to go!!
    I am on MFP too.. will be adding you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Jess ... You have so inspired me to be more diligent with my food! I have been struggling with the weight this last week or 2 and I know its because of those little bites and tastes and not counting every single thing! I am going to start using fitness pal again and start fresh!!! !!! Thank you!!!


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