Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thurs: Indianapolis

My race bib # is 6013.
This will be my 6th half marathon.
13.1 miles = 21.0975 kilometers = 69,217.5 feet
2011 is the 4th running of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.
The Indianapolis Colts (NFL) are 0-8 this season... haven't won a single game.

I initially registered for this race because I wanted one last crack at my sub-2 goal.  Coming off my marathon in September, the plan was to speed-train hard for 4 weeks to prep for this half.  Unfortunately, I suffered a calf injury immediately after the marathon that is still nagging me today.  In fact, I slept with an ice pack last night.  Just when I thought it was behind me, Tuesday's 5 miler told me otherwise.  I've had shooting pain from the left heel up through the calf muscle ever since. Instead of logging confidence-building runs this week, I'm resting, icing, rolling and stretching.  My goal is simply to finish 13.1 - with hopefully not my worst time ever.

I'm really thankful that I signed up to run on the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation team.  Since a race PR is improbable, I approach this race with a different outlook than most.  I'm truly running this 13.1 for a cause... to Kick Cancer Ass!  Over the past month, I've managed to raise over $700 for the American Cancer Society (much in part to you... thank you!).  Donations are still accepted here.  I choose cancer charities time and time again for my efforts because the nasty C-word seems to enter everyone's life at one point or another...
My grandmother lost the fight to breast cancer.
My aunt survived breast cancer.
My mother-in-law beat lung cancer.
Two of my BFF's fathers have battled pancreatic cancer.

Please help FUEL MY RUN on Saturday.
Facebook friends have been sharing their cancer stories with me.
I'm going to print these out and re-read them before my race.
Tell me your story... How has Cancer affected you?


  1. You are going to do great. As for the big C word, my Grandma has beat it twice, her sister died of stomach cancer and the most recent for me is my husbands uncle passed of Brain Cancer. I participate in the Seattle Brain Cancer event every year in his honor.

  2. "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."

    Good Luck this weekend, You will finish!

  3. Have fun at the race! I hope your calf holds up!

  4. Hope all goes well! I'm sure your training will pay off! Get it, girl!! :)

  5. love that you are running for a cause! good luck and enjoy the experience!

  6. What I personally do before every triathlon/ironman/marathon is to set an intention, what I want most in my life (e.g., finding a cure for cancer), I close my eyes and I visualize it in my mind.
    During the race I keep repeating my intention over and over again and I fight for it as hard as I can!
    I have to confess that sometimes I can get a little bit overwhelmed but that's a great way to just go for it!

    Mike @TheIronYou

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  8. How did the race go?!? Indie Monumental is on my race calendar for next year!

    Looking forward to your recap.


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