Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

I'm starting off 2012 with the same resolution I've had for years... lose weight.  I was successful last spring and then gained most of it back during marathon training.  My downfall is the food.  I need eat like an athlete with smart choices and proper nutrition to fuel my runs.

To put resolve into action, I'm participating in the Food Journal challenge during the month of January (sponsored by RunToTheFinish).  I went out and bought myself a little journal today and plan to make it an in-depth journal of what enters my mouth and how I feel each day.

Locally, I put together a team of 5 to participate in my gym's 55 Weight Loss Challenge, where we have a chance to win $1000+ and a free gym membership. This will keep me motivated and accountable until at least March 3.  My goal is to trim 30 pounds before summer.

There are no breaks.  This is the lifestyle I want and enjoy. If not running, I want to be active biking, spinning, swimming, yoga or any other activity that strikes my fancy.  My goal is to be "Half Marathon Ready" at any given point throughout the year.  By integrating weekly cross training, I hope to prevent any major injuries.

My run goal for the year is 1300 miles, but secretly I'm hoping to hit 1500. If all goes smoothly (no injuries), I believe it's completely possible.


  • I'd like to complete at least 6 Half Marathons in 2012.  It's my favorite race distance and I'm still highly driven by that illustrious sub-2 that's been out of reach.  (My current Half PR is 2:03)
  • I want to limit the number of 5Ks I participate in, which is hard because I get wound up in the pre-race excitement.  They are expensive, messes up my long runs and I usually end up disappointed with the race organization and flow.  However, I do plan to pick at least 2 good events and nail a new PR.  My goal is to run a 5K in under 26 minutes.  
  • I'd like to throw a 10K in the schedule.  I ran my first one last September here and found it really challenging to hold a sub-9 pace for 6.2 miles.  I think it would make a great test of my speed/endurance if placed strategically before one of my half-marathons.  I'm looking at the Shamrock Shuffle 10K on March 17 in Madison, WI.

Changing things up and keeping fitness fresh is important to me.  I love to run, but like anything the passion can fade when not nurtured.  To avoid the slight chance of getting bored, I like to keep myself challenged.  This year, I've got three "big" events on my calendar to keep me invested...

May 5
I really didn't mean to do this, but when I went to register for the half-marathon, I accidentally clicked FULL 26.2.  Opps!  Okay, real story... I reread the race recap from my first marathon and the emotions got the best of me.  I wanted that feeling again.  I wanted the next couple months to be work for me.  I have the perfect running partners who are also training for a spring marathon.  Family in the area means no hotel costs.  And the medal for the full is just so freakin' cool...  All the pieces just fit.  So Marathon #2, here I come!

June 8-9
As a team of six women, we'll jam ourselves in two vans and split a 197 mile run over the course of two days.  This week, we found our final runner and will be officially registering shortly. I can't tell you how excited I am for this one.  I really want to test myself and log some serious miles in the training for this event. I see two-a-days in my future!

August 5
This will be a new experience for me, reaching outside my comfort zone for my first TRIATHLON!  I look forward to mixing up my summer training with the addition of biking and swimming.  I plan to get into the gym pool next week to start working on my form.  Best of all, this event is held in my hometown... the village (population 2,000) where I graduated high school.  It will be cool to compete in the lake where we skinny-dipped boated and the country roads we parked learned to drive on.

See my complete 2012 Race Calendar here.

Over this past year of blogging, I've received so many nice messages from readers saying I inspire THEM.  Thank you, I'm honored and humbled by that.  I'm just a Midwest gal trying to find her way myself.  So it truly warms my heart when I play a small role inspiring someone else to lace up, go for a run and lead a more active life.  I truly believe in those magical endorphins! I'll continue to blog - share my story, my successes and my failures in 2012 in hopes that it will motivate you, befriend you or at least give you a good laugh.  Thank you so much readers and fellow Sole Sisters for making me feel loved!

Have no doubt, it's going to be a great 2012!  
Which one of YOUR 2012 challenges are you most excited about?


  1. I think half the bloggers I read will be in WI for that race! The course is great, the staff/volunteers are really great and I hope they have flushable port a pots again!!

  2. Great goals! We have some similar ones, I also want to run a sub-2 hour half marathon and sub-26 5K!! I do want to limit my 5K races, also, I really don't like the distance AT ALL. Every once in awhile should be sufficient.

    We are going to have similar challenges this year too! I'm going to run my first marathon, run in a 77.7 mile relay (two-a-days here too!) and compete in a duathlon and triathlons!

    I can't wait to read all about your adventures and training!

  3. Your goals look great. Exciting about the 2nd marathon! I did a Ragnar as part of an ultra team in 2011 and it was lots of fun!

  4. Can I just say I love you? Okay now that I said it, you and I are so much alike it is as if I am reading my own thoughts!
    I look forward to reading along, and maybe even joining your little challenge!
    I am hoping to do tri in 2013 but have to work on my current goal of a half marathon this year! memberships make the 5ks a bit better with $10 off each race. I want to find some 8 and 10 ks too.
    2012 is going to be awesome!

  5. Great goals!! What helped me to run a sub 2 hour half marathon was several 5k and 10k's/ It's a great speed work out! :)

  6. Great goals!!! I look forward to following you on your journey. I almost excited about running the NYC marathon this year (my first) and my goal is to run it in 4 hours....we will see!

  7. Awesome Goals!!! What a year you have planned out!

  8. I would have to say I am most excited about getting to run hood to coast this year! Ragnars sound really fun too. I keep hoping they will have one close to me.

    Good luck this year and yay for another marathon.

  9. I would do the Wisconsin Marathon JUST for the medal! That bling is SWEET!!!! :)

  10. I think I am with you on the food part. I am resolving to eat to live verses living to eat, which will hopefully allow me to make healthier choices.

    You will totally rock the 26.2 and I can't wait to read more about your road to 26.2. Happy New Year!

  11. I am planning my first full marathon this year! I hope to enjoy it and accidentally register for a full one time like you! ;) I am also participating in a Relay race here locally but ours is 170 miles with 6 runners or walkers. 2 days as well. Totally excited!

    Can't wait to read more recaps! Happy New Year!

  12. Great goals! I'm excited about all of my goals but I think I'm the most excited about running 12 half marathons and a ragnar! 2012 is going to be awesome!

    You can see all of my goals here :)

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  13. Sounds like an awesome 2012! I will be at all three of those races! I'll be cheering/pacing at the Wisconsin Marathon, rocking out at Ragnar, and trying not to die during the tri! :)

  14. Jess, you sound SO on track for 2012!! I love your goals and wish you nothing but the best in reaching them. I was a little scared before attacking my first 26.2 miles, but don't worry, if I can do it, so can you!! :)

  15. LOVE this post...gets me pumped up for you :)

    a full marathon...YOU GO GIRL!!! You'll rock it!

    Love the "first step to getting somewhere" quote...SO TRUE!!!

  16. I'm most excited for my running my 3rd marathon. This one is my first out of state marathon. I'm doing the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. I'm so excited to do an out of state marathon. After my second marathon I said I wasnt doing anymore marathons. But it gets in your blood and I just cant say no. The side of that it keeps me focused on staying fit all year round. With I'm totally loving right now. I'm fitter now than I have been for my last two marathon. So looking forward to my running journey for 2012. You are going to have an awesome 2012 year. YOU ROCK THAT TRI GIRL.

  17. Good for you for signing up for marathon #2! I'm still debating doing my 2nd one this year... and the food journal is a great goal, too. I also gained a few pounds when marathon training-- and then it came back off when I was cross training, but I would imagine it's very hard to lose while running long-distance, the body demands fuel! Wishing you the much success in 2012!

  18. Whoo hoo!! Great goals for 2012!! You can do it!!! Honestly a full marathon scares the living daylights out of me.... but it's hard to resist one that's "the cheesiest!" :)

  19. i am really hoping the food journal helps me a lot too! i know that food is the only thing holding me back.

    being inspiring is definitely at the top of my list, it is such a nice feeling

  20. You have some great things going on this year! Love that you have gotten other people involved in your weight loss challenge - hope you all win!

  21. Awesome list of goals, Jess!!

    You are going to LOVE The Wisconsin Marathon!! Maybe it just has a special place in my heart because it's my current PR-course, but... it was a ton of fun!!

    I might have to look into the Shamrock Shuffle & the Oshkosh Tri!! ;)


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