Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long Run & Weigh-In

When the alarm went off at 6am on Saturday morning, I snoozed and snoozed.

Did. Not. Want. To. Get. Up.

I certainly picked the right
headband for my attitude today.
As I slowly started to wake up, the thought of maybe one cup of coffee (in silence before the kids awoke) got my legs to swing off the bed.  I had 12 miles on the agenda this morning.  Let's be honest, there are times when you're just not "feeling the run" and today was one of those mornings.  But there was no other option.  It was now or never.  Hubby was working all weekend.  Babysitter lined up.  Perfect weather.  Run group waiting.  Go!

I made myself a whole-grain waffle topped with peanut butter and banana for a good pre-run fueling. Slammed a cup of coffee. Filled my handheld bottle and dropped in a nuun tablet.  Picked out a Peanut Butter GU gel for mid-run. Packed my cooler with a banana, Gotein powder mix, and five water bottles (Yes five! Keep reading to know why...).  Packed my gym bag with fresh clothes.  Changed outfit for the second time.  Dressed the kids.  Strapped on my watch, BondiBand, ipod and finally out the door we went...

After dropping off the kids, I was finally on my way to the Rock Island Trail.  When I pulled in, I was delighted to see over 20 women gathered in the parking lot.  The Sole Sisters started just 6 months ago and every once in a while, I am drawn back at what an awesome group it has become.  Trotting down the trail, all different paces, different backgrounds, these women have come together to support each other in their run journeys.

The first couple miles, I bounced around groups.  Today's conversation was universal - upcoming races, especially the rumor of a new local half-marathon this spring (in Peoria Heights). Eventually, I settled in next to Karyn, who planned to go the distance with me. We went out to the 5 mile marker, made a quick stop for a GU and started the return trip.

We had chatted along the whole run, but by mile 7, we both settled in for the final miles. I hadn't felt 100% all morning.  In fact, I was a little sore from Friday's swim & spin session. It got me thinking that I really need to prioritize a 'rest day' before my long runs.  We kept a steady pace on the way home, but my breathing was labored.  I finally turned on my music to give me the extra push that I seemed to need in the final miles.

I dropped Karyn off at the trail head - and reluctantly turned back for 2 more miles.  I was tired and there was nothing I wanted more than to call it done. But these are the moments when you become a STRONG RUNNER, the kind that can push through to meet the wildest of dreams.  Running with friends is great and has it's perks.  For me, it helps me maintain a good pace.  However, I believe solo running also has great benefits. It makes you dig deep to empty the tank... all on your own.  It trains your mind for the final miles of a race when you got nothing left but a PR waiting up ahead.

12 miles done.  2:03 (10:15 pace)

Now back to all those bottles of water... So today was the first weigh-in for the 55 Day Weight Loss Challenge at my gym.  After picking up the kids, we headed to the gym for my first weigh-in.  I've had a pretty darn good week of workouts and food and (accidently) lost a couple pounds in the process. Crap!  That won't help the contest, huh?!  So on the way to the gym, I ate my regular post-run banana, mixed up my protein recovery drink and drank 5 bottles of water! Aw, nothing like post-run refueling, huh?!  I weighed in almost exactly what I was earlier in the week. (ha!) Perfect.

Here's my team for the 55 Day Weight Loss Challenge...
We call ourselves the
 Sassy Slimming Sole Sisters
and we're gonna look amazing when this is done!
Laura, Renee, me, Kelli and Michelle


  1. Good job on getting your long run in!!! Running with other people makes even a bad run so much better :)

  2. you are so amazing! I just love watching your journey. :) NOW LOG ON FITNESS PAL! We are stalking you missy :)

  3. Great job getting out there and getting that long run done! I love that you water loaded before your weigh in, you are going to blow them away next week!

  4. wow, wish I could accidently lose some pounds! You are doing amazing!

  5. I hate those days where you just aren't feeling it! I usually feel better after the first couple of miles, but some days it just never gets better!

  6. I think all of the Sassy Slimming Sole Sisters look amazing already!
    I had one of those days today also. So I drove to the city to walk just for a different atmosphere from the basement treadmill routine. Weather was about 40 degrees and a little breeze. It felt good though. Always seems warmer in town than it does in the Wisconsin "Up-north" country roads.

  7. Girl, you are sneaky!

    What do you think of the PB Gu? I might need to acquire some of that. Sounds fab.

  8. This challenge is going to be so fun! I am so excited about it! Good luck to you and your team, Jess! :)

  9. Your water strategy made me laugh. I am joining a similar group this week and am totally stealing your idea!
    Also - is there really going to be a half marathon in Peoria Heights this spring? I would love to do that for my spring half but I couldn't find anything about it online.

  10. Water loading? lol. Did you sprint for the bathroom the second you finished the weigh-in? I don't think my body would HOLD what much water, even after a hard run!

    You and the Sole Sisters are going to rock this challenge! :)

  11. Well done! Did you help create Sole Sisters? What a fabulous group of collective motivation!

  12. Great job getting your run done! I usually try to take a rest day before my long runs. It makes a difference!

  13. That cartoon is exactly how I feel and why I run in the morning.

  14. Great job on the long run!

    I'm in agreement with you, my husband and I definitely need a complete rest day before our long run. We actually didn't do it this week since my feet hurt a little bit. Adding swimming and biking/spinning to our schedule requires a little bit more planning on our part.

  15. YAY for doing the long run and those girls do look like sassy sisters ;)

  16. look at you!! ROCKSTAR!!! Great long run, awesome pace too!

    Great start to 2012!


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