Friday, January 27, 2012

No Excuses Mommy!

My Fit Fluential supporters tell me VLOG (video instead of writing) is the new craze.  So here is my first stab at a vlog...
Today's Topic
No Excuses: Run Mommy Run!
~ how to run with your kids in tow ~

I'd really love your feedback.
Do you enjoy VLOGs or do you prefer reading?
I of course find it slightly annoying to listen to myself talk... Is that normal?


  1. I enjoyed your vlog! No, your not annoying to listen to, I think it's just something anyone of us thinks when we hear ourself talk, at least me! I think a combo of blog/vlog would be just fine, whatever is easier fo you.
    Your daughter is darling :) I also find it hard to keep at an "easy" pace, it does feel better to run faster :)

  2. I really enjoyed your vlog. Since it's doubtful that I would ever meet you in person, it was really fun to put a voice to your words. It just makes it feel like I "know" you on a more personal level. I am more of a blog reader than watcher, so I wouldn't want you to only do these, but sure wouldn't mind seeing you some more.

  3. this is awesome! what a great vlog :) and as a mom with no running stroller I am going to save up! I thought Logan may be getting too old (he's 2) but now that I've seen your daughter maybe he would like it.

  4. Great video, Jess! You are being such a good influence on your children, too. They will see you putting fitness as a priority in your life and hopefully they will do the same as they get older.

  5. I prefer reading over video. My computer is such a piece of crap that it always buffers. Whatever that means. And I hate hearing my voice as well.

  6. I actually liked your vlog, although it buffered a bit :(

    I love running with my boys...makes me feel like I'm influencing them as I exercise, hopefully it'll be something they remember for years to come and they'll wanna run with Mommy too :)

  7. I vlog once a week & love it. Loved yours too. It's not for everyone. But you did great!

  8. Oh, I hate my voice on video. It think that's a natural thing. Personally, I like the concept of vlogging, but I usually keep up with blogs when there are other things going on .... the TV's on, at work, etc., so I can't always watch them.

    PS: Tagged you in my 11 random things. Not sure if you've done one yet, I'm way behind in reading blogs. Trying to catch up, though!

  9. What a great idea to do a vlog. I really enjoyed yours, even though I'm not a mommy! Your daughter is toooo cute!!

  10. I like both, variety is always good! I don't think its abnormal to dislike the sound of your voice, I don't like hearing myself talk on videos either!

    Maybe I will do a vlog someday.

  11. liked your vlog. it's nice to see a real mom making it work. I like your honesty and suggestions. thanks


I appreciate your feedback and comments!