Thursday, January 5, 2012

3TT: Get Down to Business!

~ ONE ~
It's all fun and dandy the last couple weeks... looking back on how awesome I was how far I've come in the past year and dreaming up new adventures for the new year.  No doubt, I have some pretty ambitious 2012 Goals.  Now I need to make sure I can actually get it done.  I'm a girl who thrives off a plan...

Plan your WORK... WORK your Plan!

Seriously, I feel lost without the details.  Sure, I make modifications along the journey, but a good routine keeps me focused on the big picture.  No questions, no excuses... IT'S GO TIME. 

This week, I've been breaking down my 2012 Goals and asking myself,
"What do I need to do on a weekly basis in order to get there?"  
I'm trying a new approach this training cycle.  Instead of every day mapped out for months in advance, I'm allowing myself some flexibility on a daily basis, as long as I get it all done within the week.  I'm hoping this will take away the stress of conflicts that screw up my schedule.  Every Sunday, I will schedule in my workouts like one would a business meeting.  
Life responsibilities can really throw off the best of training plans.

Run Easy (3-4 m) - 2x
Run Tempo (5-6 m) - 1x
Run Intervals (5-6 m) - 1x
Run Long (9+ m) - 1x
Yoga - 2x
Boxing - 1x
Swimming - 2x
Spinning/Biking - 2x
Ab/Core Work - 5x
Strength/Weights - 1x
Boxing - 1x

~ TWO ~
Weight loss is a big goal of mine.  I was successful last spring, but tacked a lot of it back on during marathon training (and Christmas).  I take full responsibility.  I ate crap food.  After a 20-mile training run, I need to reward my body with true nutrients to refuel, not the junk I delisionally think I deserve.  To drive myself forward, I came up with this reward system.  Ready, Set... Go!

My "real" business... To afford my racing addiction (and make it possible to stay home with my children), I run a freelance graphic design business, focusing mainly on wedding stationary.  Do you know someone getting married in 2012?  Please refer them to my business... Paper Dreams Design Studio.  Tell your friends/family to use discount code RUNWITHJESS when placing an order and I'll give them $10 off their order.  


  1. Those are some great weight loss rewards. I love how the first few will/should help you achieve more to get you to your final rewards.

    Good luck!

  2. I have 2 of Bob Harper kettle bell workout dvds and Jilliam Michael's kettle bells (as you do pictured above). I would recommend getting Bob's Kettle Bells for his workout dvds because as you can see Jillians kettle bells get bigger with weight, Bob's are the same size for different weight amounts. And they are smaller and shaped better for your hand and arms to do the workouts. Learn from my mistake lol. Good luck, you can do it!!!

  3. just said the magic word: TRIATHLON. Sooo....I googled your location to see where the H you live. I'm a homegrown Hoosier and the state of IL is basically CHI to my house and possibly a 50 mi radius. I'm pretty ignorant to the rest of the state. Sorry. Anyhow, Evergreen International TRI is a short hop from you. Please join me. I'm registering NOW. It's a really great race and sooooo close to you! I'm seriously mulling over the Great IL Challenge (Mattoon) again too. Just trying to figure out if I can manage the bike miles for that. But basically I'm at the 98% ready to commit level on that too.

  4. Really good variety of rewards! Goals that will make you feel good on the inside and the out!! I do not know anyone getting married this year, but love the one item you have posted...very creative.
    Oh - and @Aimee - thanks for that advice about the Kettlebell..been going back and forth about adding that to my workouts, will keep the tips in mind. THANKS


  5. I love your reward system! Excellent motivation!

  6. I love the idea of a specific reward plan! Great motivator to reach each mile marker! I think I'll have to steal it. We have very similar goals. I really enjoy your blog!

  7. Awesome rewards!! I used to do this alot. I need to do this in the next few weeks but my reward would be to just squeeze into this dress I love for a conference I have to attend.

  8. I love the idea of a reward for each step along the way! I know you can do it Jess!!! You rock!

  9. i got the jillian michaels kettlebell set for christmas. i haven't used it yet. going to start next week!

  10. great job on breakin gthings down and being very concrete! i tried the rewards thing in the past and for whatever reason it just didn't motivate me the way i thought it would. I'm doing more visualization now and I think that is helping a lot to stay focused

  11. That's your weekly plan? How do you fit it all in? I like the idea of weight loss rewards. The spa day might be a good incentive for me.

  12. great goals and what a well thought out plan. i think most of us fizzle in the execuition stage of the goals and then just wave a white flag. your reward system is awesome, and if anyone tells me they are getting married anytime soon i will pass your link along. now i understand why your graphics are always so awesome!

  13. You are describing a balancing act that we all have whether we are dieting, training, or for some of us, just living life. Just keep in mind what is really important in your life, and you will do fine!
    I love the 20 pound reward. Don't we all want to look better in our jeans.

  14. Best reward system ever!!!!


  15. I love how you broke things down with rewards to get to the goals you need to! I gained about 15 lbs with my running hiatus in the 18 months I couldn't run and marathon training has always taken that off in the past....but not this time :(. I think I will do the same reward system, thanks! Good luck with all, looking forward to watching you smash your 2012 goals :).


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