Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Fitness and WIAW

Yesterday was a slow start back to the routine...  Hubby went back to work after a 12-day holiday and Little Girl returned to preschool after a 3 week break.  When did Christmas break get to be so loooong?

Big Girl and I hit the gym.  She hung out in child care while I warmed up on the treadmill with a quick 2 miles (9:42 avg pace).  When my swim lane opened up, we both jumped in for a pool workout. Alternating laps seem to work well for me as I learn the sport of swimming.  I focused on my freestyle form for 2 laps and every third lap, I'd water jog down the lane, pulling Big Girl on a kickboard.  I completed 667 yds of swim and 366 yds of water jogging in 40 minutes.  At the end of the workout, the pool was empty so I let Big Girl do some jumping.  We both had a great workout and some fun quality time together.  In the locker room, she proudly told all the other ladies how she got to "workout with Mommy".  Melt my heart...

Tuesday nights, we have a tradition in our house... Commercial Workouts!  It's the one night of the week that "my show" is on... The Biggest Loser.  Seriously, it's the only show that I HAVE to watch each week.  My hubby used to work Tues nights, so I started Commercial Workouts simply as a way to keep the little ones occupied so I could watch my show.  Completely selfish reasons.  But over the past year, it's become something we really enjoy.

The first commercial has barely started, and my girls have jumped off the couch yelling, "Windmills! Situps! Pushups!"  Each commercial break, we take turns picking a fitness activity. The girls learn new moves and I get in a mini-workout.  By time the show starts again, the girls are ready to cuddle up on the couch (and be quiet).  Last night I went strictly ABS every time (with the exception of one plank challenge from the hubs).

What did you think of last night's Biggest Loser??  I applauded the "No Partners" and "No Excuses" themes for the season.  And of course, delighted to see Dolvett's return. Black is my favorite color, but I find myself cheering for RED.  The girls of course are pulling for Santa...

I had a good day with food yesterday.  I logged my intake and feelings in my Food Journal.  I photographed all my food.  Best water intake I've had in weeks.  I give myself a B+ on the day.  Here's what my food looked like...

Breakfast: Banana and coffee
AM Snack: Special K strawberry bar
Lunch: Loaded turkey sandwich with apple & carrots
PM Snack: Coffee and chocolate (!)
Dinner: Baked parmesan tilapia with veggies and salad


  1. Commercial workouts - I LOVE it!!!! I watched lastnight and really enjoyed it, too!!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I love being able to workout with my kids, it's so much fun. The idea of watching The Biggest Loser together and exercising during commercials sounds so fun, I may have to try it!

  3. I would love your parmesan tilapia recipe. Good job, I love the commercial workouts and I'm gonna take my kids swimming too.

  4. sweetest thing ever that your little girl enjoyed working out with you so much! love it! and yes...very excited for this season of BL! it looks good :)

  5. Love this post. What a great way to get in the pool and spend time with your daughter. ~melt my heart too~.

    I didn't get to watch BL yet (away basketball game last night). Once again, however, based on your picture, I feel so sorry for the women and the bras they wear on the show. Good grief! Can't they find something a bit more supportive?

  6. Love the ways the girls work out with you!

    I haven't watched BL yet but I am so excited to hear that Dolvet is back. I like his quieter intensity.

  7. Haha I love it, "windmills! situps! pushups!" So cute.

    Great job with swimming again, it will get easier!

    I don't want Biggest Loser, maybe I should. I just don't think my husband would be that into it and I should be happy that he at least runs with me!

  8. Ack I totally missed biggest loser last night! I am so thrown off since I had Monday off.

    You are setting such a good example for your kids. I always loved tagging along with my dad when he want to play tennis. Special memories!

  9. I watched BL and liked it. I am so sick of the whining though - I am glad they are going ro a no excuse theme.

  10. i found myself cheering for red as well!

  11. Commercial workouts- what an awesome idea!!! I should do that too :)

  12. I love gym childcare! My daughter is in bed by the time we're ready to watch tv, but I am definitely going to remember that commercial workout idea, love it! :) Love your food photos, such a nice layout. I find it really hard to make food look nice!

  13. OMG, girl, you've inspired me! Commercial workouts! Brilliant! Awesome day of workout for you! Way to go! Your food diary photos made my stomach growl.

  14. we are the same way when it comes to Biggest kiddos even enjoy watching it with us! Ha! Seems like you're off to a great start with the swimming! I'm so jealous of your gym workout, I guess we need to work on budgeting for a gym membership this year, FINALLY!

  15. coffee and chocolate! yummmm. :) awesome job on keeping track!


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