Thursday, January 12, 2012

3 Things Thursday

The Olympic Marathon Trails are this Saturday (Jan. 14) and I'm pretty darn excited.  I'm secretly arranging our family plans so that I can be in front of the TV from 3-5pm.  (True sign of runner addiction? Probably.)   The committee made the event pretty monumental by hosting both the women's and men's Olympic Marathon Trails on the same day, at the same place.  What I wouldn't give to be in Houston this Saturday and watch the magic in-person.  So thank you NBC for making the most of your sponsorship and actually airing it nation-wide.  It won't be live, but at least we get 2 hours of coverage.

Why is the 2012 U.S. Trials so exciting?  We have some of the most exciting athletes toeing the line this year as one big bunch.  It's anyone's game.  In the women's field, Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, Deena Kastor and the newest marathon darling Desiree Davila, who ran a 2:22 at Boston this year (Yeah, that's good...).  If you don't subscribe to Runner's World (what?!), they had a great feature in last issue on Desiree here. I'm personally pulling for Kara.  Something about her I just really like.  She's a young mom with so much emotion on the track. The connection between Kara and her husband Adam is undeniable.  He's always there going ape when she runs, kissing and hugging her... and I just like that.  I've read both Kara and Adam Goucher's books, which I guess makes me feel closer to them.  You know, like family.  Recent interview with Kara here.

In the men's field, Ryan HallMeb Keflezighi, and Dathan Ritzenhein will make it an amazing race to the finish line.  Ryan ran a 2:04 this past year at Boston (reality check - that's under 5 min miles!) and is just down right amazing to watch.  I think the race is his to lose.  Meb is coming off injury (and getting old at 36, yes?), but still a threat.  Curious to see if Dathan can give Hall a run for the money?

Yesterday I had an unbelievable workout day.  In the morning, I swam for 40 minutes, then Spinning class for 45 minutes (I pushed hard!).  In the evening, I had a nice 3 mile run with the Sole Sisters.  Once home, I was about to send in my summary for KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge and realized... I was 7 miles short on the bike.  Ugh.  My husband laughed as I crawled up on the bike to finish it at 9:30pm.  The worst part?  I was baking a cake at the time.  Do you know how hard it is to workout with the smell of freshly baked cake wafting through the air?

The 70.3 Challenge was to SWIM 1.2 miles (2100 yds), BIKE 56 miles, and RUN 13.1 miles during the first eleven days of January.  The challenge motivated me to get in the pool first thing this year and start TRI-training.  I'm finding out that I really love swimming.  Not good at it, but the workout is productive and refreshing.
My final stats in KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge...
SWIM - 3000 yds
BIKE - 56 miles
RUN - 48 miles

We are finally getting snow here in Illinois... first of the winter season.  I can't wait for hubby to come home from work this afternoon!!  While he snowblows, I'll be taking out my YakTrax Pro for a test run.  Good thing today has an "easy run" on the schedule.  Snow running means slowing down the pace, being more cautious of drivers and just enjoying the white beauty ahead.

My backyard at lunch time.
Can't wait to try out my YakTrax!


  1. Great job Jess! Way to go, especially the 7 miles on the bike last night at 9:30 while baking a cake! I am super excited about the marathon trials too, I'll be at work when it's on but I'm going to dvr it.

  2. I'll be interested in hearing how your YakTrax work! I've thought about buying them since we live in Western New York, but so far we haven't had much of a winter. I think that is going to change tomorrow though!

    I told my husband to set the DVR so we can tape the Olympic Trials in case we are out of the house! I can't wait to watch them!

    Also, you kicked butt on the challenge! I only included the totals needed to complete the 70.3 miles, but you did AWESOME!

  3. Now that's dedicated to get back on the bike at 9:30, especially while baking!

    I'm so excited for the Olympic Trials!

  4. You are so lucky to get to use your Yaks. I don't think we will get snow this winter.

    Great job on your challenge!

  5. I can't wait to hear how the YakTrax work out. I have thought about getting a pair but they just look awkward to me for running.
    That is some dedication getting on the bike with the smell of baking cake in the background. Hope you got to enjoy some when you were done! :-)

  6. that sounds like a fun challenge, way to get it done! The race this weekend should be good, I will sadly miss it, but hope sportscenter will fill me in at least a little!

  7. I am WAY excited for the trials! And how did I miss that you were training for WI? We will have to plan a meet up for sure!

  8. Gah. We're supposed to change over to snow around 6pm here in NW Ohio. It's been misty and gloomy all day and I'M READY FOR THE WHITE STUFF, DANGIT! lol

  9. good job! those shoes are neat...too bad we NEVER have snow around here.

    And yes, we'll be at the trials, since packet pick up is on Saturday at the expo. I'll fill you in with the excitement! We live 20 min. from Houston, born and raised so it's pretty exciting to have it here in our hometown area!!

  10. Nice job finishing your challenge. I don't even want to think about trying to work out while baking a cake. Did you at least get a slice afterward or was it for later? :-)

  11. Can't wait to see the 2 hour coverage of the Olympic Trials! :)

  12. Thats a great workout day! I've had a real 'off' week and am looking to get back into. I love the feeling after killer workout sessions :)

    The trials were great! (even if it was only reading updates online!)


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