Monday, January 9, 2012

Blueprint Monday

Week two of the new year... Are you on pace?

I set myself some lofty 2012 Goals and set up a training plan with rewards to make it a reality. I wasn't terribly strict with myself last week (since our 55 Day Weight Loss Challenge didn't start until Saturday).  I looked at last week as a "weaning" week.  Slowly slip the junk food out of the diet (aka empty the fridge!), build up my workouts and introduce myself to swimming.  I managed to have one of the best weeks in months!  I logged 30 run miles, 2 Spinning classes, 1 Yoga session, 3 Swim and 3 Ab workouts.  Not too shabby.

Today begins strict discipline to the plan.  I woke up early, got the kiddos off to school and headed out for a run to start my week.  I ran with one of my Sole Sisters for 4 miles along the Peoria Riverfront, and then added on some fartleks for speed training.  I hate them, but was actually in the mood today.  My legs felt fresh from yesterday's rest day.  As soon as I got home, I hopped on the bike and got in 7 miles (25 min) before I had to scurry off to pickup the little one from preschool.

Each week, I'll map out my schedule to meet the weekly workout goals.  The mix of running and cross training will keep things fresh, ward off injury, and hopefully make me more well-rounded on fitness.  Plus I find that the more cross-training I add to my routine, the more I look forward to the RUN!

Tomorrow is my 
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are so amazing and I LOVE the reward idea. Im so jumping on that one! :) Great job. You ROCK!

  2. Jess you're totally slaying your training so far! Kudos to you! Happy bloggyversary a tad early!

  3. I am loving the way that you have it mapped out. I might have to copy you!

  4. look at you! Such great goals and you're already kickin' butt! Happy 2012 to you!!!

  5. i admire you for freeing your home from all food crap. i've been trying to do this since the christmas and my damn mother in law, that i love dearly, keeps sneaking garbage into our house! yesterday we had dinner with them and she managed to bring by 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies, hershey's kisses, and toffee that she left at my house. we still haven't even made a dent on the 3 lbs. of chocolate she gave us for christmas!

    i swear sometimes she is just trying to fatten us up! she is such a sweet lady that it is too difficult for me to tell her to stop.

    nice workouts last week! whooeee girl you are going to cream that 55 day challenge!

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  7. seeing all of your cross training makes me tired!

  8. Wow, great workouts for this week! You have a well rounded plan, I like it! My plan is running only, I know I need to add cross training but for some reason I find too many excuses for it. That's why I started the 100x challenge, this will help me to do something else but running :)


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