Friday, August 17, 2012

Five For Friday

One more day. Just one more day until hubby comes home. I can do this. It's the end of summer which means several things... 1) the busiest time of year for my wedding business 2) my kids are getting bored and sick of each other's company 3) lots of busy stuff to for back-to-school 4) my daughter's upcoming birthday 5) training is at full peak for fall marathons. And then my hubby leaves for a work trip. I've tried my best to just breathe and keep it all motion. How single parents do it, I have no clue! Every time my husband has these trips, I'm reminded how much I need him.
Me & my girls after a run together this week.
I've actually had a great week of running. By the third day of single-parenthood this week, I "invested" in my sanity and hired a young girl down the street to come watch cartoons babysit with my girls every morning for an hour. This was surely my best decision of the week. The weather has been remarkably cool for August (a refreshing change over this summer's heat) making for pretty awesome running weather.  I logged 32 run miles and 16 on the bike since hubby left town. No excuses. Staying focused. Air Force Half Marathon... 28 days!

Join me for my "birthday run" on Saturday, October 20 in Lake Geneva, WI.  I will be running the ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon. Use discount code GLAMB5 at registration to receive $10 off the Half and $5 off the 5k.  Plus I will have a special "birthday favor" for all the ladies who register with my code!  I'm excited about this race because I've heard many great things about the ZOOMA Women's Series of races. They cater to women (obviously) so the events have a lot of nice touches that are unique to women. Instead of the typical finisher's medal, participants receive a necklace designed by Satya Jewelry. Plus the finish line features wine, spas and shopping! Growing up in Wisconsin, Lake Geneva is known as a vacation destination, and I'm anxious to enjoy its beautiful fall colors.

I finally signed up and started using Instagram. I honestly don't get it yet... how is it different than posting pictures to Facebook/Twitter as normal? Seems like just another time waster social forum. Lots to learn yet I guess... So if you're an Instagramer, look me up @runwjess. I'll follow back.

On Sunday, I'm escaping with my BFF (best fitness friend) Kelli to Wisconsin for a day to run the Dirty Girl mud run. It will be a fun day getting down and dirty, but a huge step out of my comfort zone.  Obstacles and slippery mud. I plan to take it easy, laugh a lot, and just make sure I don't hurt myself.  Are you racing this weekend? Tell me where... Good luck y'all!


  1. What a great idea to hire a baby sitter! Happy mom = happy family :)

  2. I'm glad you were able to get your runs in. Taking an hour or so for yourself so that you can keep your sanity is a great idea. And I think the fun thing with Instagram (at least with me) is that you get to apply fun filters to your pictures and it turns them into an interesting square shape, which is kinda unique.

  3. Adorable picture of you and the girls! The middle one is your mini-me!

  4. I'm always telling my sister to get a babysitter so she can get in her runs while her hubby is at work!! I used to do it for a mom in my town. I came a few afternoons a week, picked up the kids from school, and played with them or shuttled them to where they needed to be while she was able to exercise or get a mani/pedi...whatever! Loving instagram!

  5. I cannot believe how much you do and inspire others while you are a single parent most of the time. You are amazing! And because you are such an inspiration - I tagged you in today's post.

  6. Have fun with the Dirty Girl mud run! Those sound fun!

  7. Hiring a babysitter--so smart!! It can be so hard to find time to run when you don't have someone else there to stay home w/ the kiddos!

  8. how brilliant is hiring a babysitter for a run! GENIUS!!! great job single momma, he'll be home soon!!!


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