Thursday, August 16, 2012

Virtual Games Recap & Winners

I miss the Olympics already. For a couple weeks, we had stellar TV to watch both day and night. My kids were totally engaged in nearly every sport. Still today, they are playing "pretend" gymnastics, role playing medal ceremonies, and begging for swim lessons and to run the track again.

Running the Virtual Games, I had one of my highest mileage weeks since marathon training. I guess it was just the motivation I needed.  I started off my Virtual Games with my first triathlon, in which I PR'd the 5000m in 26:02. Not a bad start!

I tacked on marathon mileage and the 10,000m throughout the week, but saved the short sprints for a track meet with some of my Sole Sisters on Friday night. It was so enjoyable to run these sprints with other people. Afterward, we all agreed that we needed to do 'track meets' more often. It was a fun change from our usual distance runs. Plus we included 'kid heats' to give us rest make it a great family night.
Sole Sisters!
Kids lined up for their 100m. They took this very serious!
My official finish times of the Virtual Games

Thank you to all who participated and made it a fun side-event to the real deal in London! Here are some of the blogposts detailing their Olympic action...
  • Maggie and Kelly had a fun night at the track here
  • Laurie got smoked by her 10 year old here.
  • Jessica's son smoked his run for the Games here.
  • Jess found her speed at the track here.
  • Heather completed her marathon in just 2 runs here.
  • Daniele compared her finish times with the Gold Medalists here.
  • Tonya got it done in Akron here.
  • Margaret looks adorable in her red, white & blue tophat here.
  • Christine wonders if she's the next Bolt here.

See photo submissions from ALL contestants
in my FB Virtual Games photo album here.

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  1. I LOVED this challenge, thank you so much for organizing it!!

  2. I did the 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon but forgot to send you the results! oops! Thanks for hosting anyway and congratulations to the winners.

  3. Thanks again so much, Jess, did you get my email yesterday? I somehow missed this blog when it came out!


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