Saturday, August 11, 2012

LoseAMarathon Weigh-In #7

I was completely distracted this past week with my impending triathlon.  I did a mock-tri and strained my quad and didn't exercise for 3 straight days in hopes that the muscle would heal in time for the tri. It did improve, however, three days of light activity had me fearing my Monday show-down with the scale. Amazingly... I lost another pound! How the... Whatever, I'll take it.

With the tri behind me now and unable to find another one before the end of summer, I'm trying to focus on my next half-marathon (Sept. 15). With the cooler weather this week and the kids heading back to school shortly, I hope to restore a stricter schedule than this summer.  While I've enjoyed the flexibility of my workouts, I'm also missing out on key runs... like tempos and intervals. My sprints yesterday for the #VirtualGames was a nasty reminder that it's been too long since I've hit the track.

Another key motivator?  My mom is kicking my butt in this challenge! She's down -10.4 to my -8.4 pounds. I've got some catching up to do!

As I record weights each week, I am pulling for each and every one of you! It's so motivating to me to see your successes and struggles.  Keep it up!  Weight loss is tough and sticking with it for seven weeks... even tougher!  The participants below have taken charge and produced BIG in week seven.  Congratulations!!

Lost -5 lbs or more
Deirdre G.
Deborah M.
Heather L.
Lynn B.
Tabitha Y.
Hannah Y.
Joanna S.

Lost -3% or more
Deborah M.
Deirdre G.
Hannah Y.
Tabitha Y.

* To quality for Scale Crushers, you must report in two consecutive weigh-ins before the deadline.
Reminder: Weigh-ins are due before midnight every Monday (email me your full name & weight).  If you miss it the deadline, please just wait until the next week to report.

I tallied up some totals and this number is just shocking to me... 
3000 POUNDS! 
As a group, that is how many pounds we have lost, thrown to the curb, dissolved from our bodies!!  Absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work!

This week's randomly drawn winner is TERESA HULETT. Congratulations, you've won a Kitchen Food Scale. What gets measured gets managed. Please email your shipping address to claim your prize.

Don't forget to report your weigh-in for week 8 before midnight on Monday, August 13 to This week's upcoming prize drawing is for a Heart Rate Monitor (both women and men versions).  Thank you to our inspiration Heather for acquiring these great prizes from her employer!

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  1. Congratulations to everyone on a great week and congrats to your Mom!


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