Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LoseAMarathon Weigh-In #9

When the #LoseAMarathon challenge started, it seemed like September was so far away. It was easy for me to dismiss small results with a simple “next week”. Well, next week has come and gone, and now there are only FOUR WEEKS LEFT! I am not on track to lose the full -26.2 that I envisioned, but I have not quit. I have simply adjusted my goal. I hope to crush the ‘half-marathon’ goal by the Air Force Half Marathon (23 days!), and will aim for the full mary before Thanksgiving. The weight has been coming off slowly, but honestly I haven’t been 100% dedicated either. I’m not disappointed though. Instead of gaining beer/brat pounds like every other summer, I’ve maintained my weight loss from week to week.

In recording the weigh-ins, I know many of you are in the same boat. I invite you to adjust your sail with me. With four weeks to go, give yourself a new realistic goal. It’s never too late to re-energize your weight loss efforts. Comment below your newly adjusted goal to hold yourself accountable... and then GO FOR IT!

We are on the home stretch... and there is a large bunch that are pushing hard to the finish!  I am pulling for each and every one of you! Keep it up!  The participants below have taken charge and produced BIG in week nine.  I was delighted to see some new names in the Scale Crushers! Congratulations!!

Lost -5 lbs or more
Jennifer H.
Carol U.
Samantha G.
Esther G.
Erin W.
Cara M.
Maria Q.
Joanna S.

Lost -3% or more
Carol U. 
Jennifer H.
Erin W.
Jaclyn W.

And I'm delighted to add the 'Marathon' Section!  Congrats to Brant & Ann who were the first to cross the #LoseAMarathon finish... but I know they're not done yet.  50K?

* To quality for Scale Crushers, you must report in two consecutive weigh-ins before the deadline.
Reminder: Weigh-ins are due before midnight every Monday (email me your full name & weight).  If you miss it the deadline, please just wait until the next week to report. 

This week's prize goes along with our current mini challenge (heart rate training). The lucky two participants below win a Mio Heart Rate Monitor! Congratulations! Please e-mail me at with your shipping address to claim your prize. Special thank you to Heather and her company for supplying these monitors as a prize.

JOY WHITESEL (Women's Heart Rate Monitor)
BRIAN HART (Men's Heart Rate Monitor)

Keep an eye out later this week when I'll be hosting a 
Women's Mio Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway for ALL readers.


  1. Congrats to the one's who have already crossed the finish line! Such an accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations to everyone who is sticking with the challenge... some great results showing!

  3. Congrats to everybody! Stay strong!

  4. Hey Jess! I tagged your in my blogpost today!


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