Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cupcake Classic virtual race winners!

Thank you so much for participating in The Cupcake Classic 3.7 virtual race!  You all made me feel so special by your nice messages and photos during my birthday week.  Furthermore, your generous donations put me over the top in my fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society, raising $670.00 for my DetermiNation team.  (Help me top it off at $700 by donating here.)

Most of all, I just love to see women uniting under the fitness umbrella, running together and having fun.  I think we achieved that!  Over 100 women participated in the virtual run and agreed... "I WILL RUN FOR CUPCAKES!!"  Although some have better will power than me and choose a healthy muffin!

It fills me with glee when you bring the "gang" together for a run...

Happy to see the official Cupcake shirts look so good on you!
Shirt proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society.

And of course I like special birthday signs made just for me!

I was blown away by the unique 3.7 route that Lauren designed to run!
Is that cool or what?!?!


And now for the Prize Winners...
In true birthday fashion, your prize will come as a wrapped present.
So you'll have to wait until you open it to find out what it is!  :)

Stephanie Anne #37084
Kimert  #37054
Suzi  #37087
Laura C.  #37111
Suegene W.  #37086
Danielle C.  #37026
Alma F.  #37002
Renee V.  #37125
Nancy C.  #37074
Jen  #37037
Wendy  #37093
AnnaMarie  #37009
Karyn H.  #37047
Shannon M.  #37082
Christa H.  #37018

Email your mailing address to runwithjess@comcast.net


  1. ahhhhhhh!!! i love all the pictures!!! so fun! i loved participating in your virtual race, am obsessed with my shirt and SO SO SO happy that you had the most fabulous birthday! by the way...that run route is SUPER IMPRESSIVE!

  2. Woot Woot!Congrats on reaching your goal and thank you for hosting this run! I am glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  3. I loved seeing the pictures! Thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks Jess for the event! I'm still bemoaning that I didn't buy a shirt. And where did those gals find cupcake arm warmers?

  4. Ahh! This makes me even more sad that I wasn't a follower in time to participate in this! That running route is awesome! I hope you do something like this for your bday next year--I will definitely be on board :)

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  6. The cupcake arm warmers are actually Baby Legs!! :) They work great as arm sleeves too! :)

    Big thanks Jess, for hosting this awesome run!! :) It got me and AnnaMarie out and running TOGETHER and we had a ball!! :)

    And um, we both WON SOMETHING!! :) ) How totally cool is that?! Just "icing on the (cup)cake" of a totally great run!

  7. Glad to see one of my group members won! Yippee!

    PS: I plan to donate on payday - I hope that's not too late...

  8. Great pics!! Everyone looks just so cute in those awesome tees!!!
    And yay.... for winners!!!!

  9. congrats jess! great bday idea I wish I had taken a pic I loved seeing all of the ones you posted! hope your bday was great and congrats ladies!!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for the fun race Jess!

  11. Congrats on exceeding you goal!!! The pictures are fantastic!! What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday!!

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  12. Congrats to the winners!
    (and thanks again, Jess, for organizing a great race!)

  13. Thank you SO much Jess for hosting such an awesome run and letting all of us celebrate in your special day :) - this was so much fun and it got me and Suzi out running *together* which was a total blast! I'm so happy that you had such a great birthday and great turnout for this run!! Great pics and YAY to winning too! :) :)

  14. What a great birthday idea!!! Love the participant that had Jess spelled out on the race course! So sweet!

  15. Wow! Lauren is brilliant - love that she spelled your name!

  16. I'm so glad you liked my route! Drawing things while running is actually a lot of fun and it takes your mind off of things if you're ever just "not feeling it"! I hope you had a great birthday! Thanks again for hosting a virtual race :)

  17. Yay! Our picture made the blog! We're famous! LOL
    Thanks again for the fun!!

  18. I wish I would have found this prior to your cupcake run (happy belated birthday)! Such a fun virtual race to do! Is there any way to still order one of those fab will run for cupcake shirts? I would love one! Thanks so much! You can email me at iamstmpin@aol.com Thanks!!!


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