Saturday, October 15, 2011

I love to Sparkle!

It's no secret to those who know me that I like to SPARKLE when I race. 
And for my new followers, let me bring you up to speed...

Turquoise Sparkle in Chicago R'nR Half Marathon
Pink Sparkle in Peoria Race for the Cure
Orange Sparkle in the Morton Pumpkin 10K
Green Sparkle in the Quad Cities Marathon

So yeah, I'm kinda a poster child for the Team Sparkle sparkle skirts.  The sparkle skirts are incredibly lightweight, so you barely notice something extra around your waist.  And believe me, I'm super particular about that... I can't wear a fuel belt for that very reason.  Anything extra around my waist bothers the crap out of me when I run.

The benefits & perks of running in a Sparkle Skirt...
•  Throughout the race, runners will continually strike up conversation with you.  "I love your skirt"... "Where did you get that?"... and just chatting in general.  Let's face it, a runner in a sparkle skirt appears pretty fun and approachable.

•  You will get the best race photos EVER!  Not only do you look darling on the course, but official race photographers like to capture runners in unique outfits.  Instead of just a couple pictures to choose from, you get a whole album like you just finished a photo shoot or something...

•  Spectators love it!!  Seriously, it's insane how many (more) cheers I get in the sparkle skirt... and who doesn't like extra support when you're racing?  During my marathon, I overheard a lady say, "Wow - fashion on the run... Now that's cool."  

•  Your family and friends will never miss you coming.  In the chaos that is a race, it's easy for your favorite cheerleaders to miss you in the mass of runners.  Not a chance with a sparkle skirt on!!  My kids can spot me coming a loooong way down the road with my sparkle.

•  You're gonna PR.  Seriously, there's something magic about this little wrap around your waist.  Three out of the four photos above are standing PRs for me.
Check out the assortment of Sparkle Skirts at Team Sparkle for your next race.  They come in 12 different colors and even have a group discount if your whole group wants to get in on the fun.  Team Sparkle also sells Race Legs to jazz up the limbs.  I've used them for both the legs AND as fashion arm warmers.

Today I'm excited to share that Team Sparkle has donated one PINK SPARKLE SKIRT to my fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.  By participating in The Cupcake Classic virtual race, you automatically get 1 entry into the prize drawing.  You can score bonus entries into the prize drawing by making a donation to American Cancer Society through my DetermiNation team.  ACS is doing important work in the fight against cancer and your tax-deductible donation will be much appreciated by current and future cancer patients.

Want in on the SPARKLE magic?!

• Signup for The Cupcake Classic virtual race that takes place Oct. 17-23 {here}

• Make a donation to my DetermiNation-American Cancer Society team {here}
  Donations need to be made by October 24 in order to be entered into prize drawing.

• Can't wait any longer to sparkle?!?  Check out Team Sparkle's skirt shop {here}


  1. So cute! I want the green one for my next St. Patricks day run.

  2. Love that sparkle!! Going over to check out the orange one for an upcoming Halloween race!

  3. So exciting! I'm definately going to give the $5 donation now!! I love you in all of your sparkle skirts! I can't wait to run The Cupcake Classic!

  4. SO FUN! Love the sparkle! I want a cute one for my upcoming races :)

  5. oh, i love all your pics!!! i especially am digging the pumpkin 10k one.. i already have tights just like that so i guess i just need the skirt :)

  6. OK SPARKLEs look like fun, but that isn't why I'm here... I just read your comment on SUAR and whated to say: if you are ever in Cape Town I'll coach you, or better still teach you how to coach your self.

    Good luck


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