Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Race Salute

My weekend plans consist of ...
•  Getting in my first long run since the marathon.  99% sure my leg is recovered and I'm as happy as can be about that!  10 miles in on the agenda, hopefully with the company of fellow Sole Sisters.  Hubby is off playing war so I'm at the babysitter's mercy for time.

Our superhero Halloween costumes last year...
I've got this year's idea, but still gotta put it all together!
•  Pulling out the Halloween decorations.  I was half a mind to "skip it" this year.  It's such a mess to pull all the boxes out and I've kinda lost my enthusiasm for it this year.  But then Big Girl said, "Mom, it's almost Halloween... we gotta get the house ready!" Yeah, it tugged at my heart.  So we'll make some ghosts to decorate our bare front tree and maybe even work on the costumes...  Maybe next week, we'll even make it to the pumpkin patch!

•  Bonfire!  I have several groups of girlfriends.  Sometimes I feel bad because the "non-running" one gets a little neglected from me.  They are my oldest friends in P-town and we are truly like sisters. The love runs deep, we've been together through all the weddings and babies, and even bicker like the best of them.  I'm anxious to kick back with the girls, let all our little ones run wild in the yard and toss back a couple beers.

•  Organize things for The Cupcake Classic.  My to-do list for the local race keeps building, but I'm super excited for the event.  I'm expecting close to 100 women to show up on the trail next Saturday for my birthday run.  Make the mile marker signs, prep race packets, wrap the prizes, and figure out all my volunteers... next week it'll be all about baking cupcakes!  Have you signed up for the VIRTUAL RACE version of The Cupcake Classic yet?  Lots of cool prizes to be won!  More info {here}

Enough about me... 
What do you have planned for the weekend???
I know the runners below have one thing on their mind... Racing!!  Here is your Friday Race Salute!  You've done the training, now is the time for your victory lap!  Go out there and kick some booty!

All my Sole Sisters running the Midwest Spartan Sprint... Danyelle, Toby, Carrie, Heidi, Jennifer, Patty, Crystal, and Marianne.  These ladies rock!  I love a good obstacle race, but muddy hauling wood, climbing barbsire is not my thing.  I guess I had enough of that as a kid, helping my Dad in the woods...

The Hot Pants/Sole Sisters running the Des Moines Marathon... Robyn, Gail, Sheri, Becky and Laura!  And Penny from the Pink Hat Runner, whose gonna rock her 2nd marathon!

Dorothy from Mile Posts and Jodi from Run Jodi Run are gonna rock the Columbus Marathon.

Jeff from Detroit Runner is running one of those races that's on my bucket list... the Detroit Marathon.  The course is so cool, featuring several international crossings into Canada and the Windsor Tunnel!

Kim from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls goes pink this weekend at the Vancouver Girlfriends Half Marathon, benefitting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  In a shocking twist, she's has no time goal... well maybe?!

My girl Rachel from Running in Real Life will surely kick asphalt at the Elver Park 5K.

And big kudos to Jamie who is running her first race ever with a Race for the Cure 5K.  The Komen series of races is fantastic... in fact it was the home of my first race too!

Kurt at Becoming an Ironman is running his first marathon at the Hartford ING Marathon.  Smoke it Kurt!

Aneta at My Running Bucket is tackling her 6th half marathon in Toronto.  Crossing my fingers for a magical sub-2 for her!

If I missed you, add a comment below to let me know you're racing 
and I'll send my magic positive race waves your way!  


  1. I'm new to your blog, but yes, I am running the Army Shadow 10 Miler tomorrow! Your salute was awesome :)

  2. Don't have a running blog, but I'm running my first marathon tomorrow at the SOJO mararthon!

  3. Best of luck to everyone running! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. i'm running a microsoft give campaign sponsored 5k today. We'll see how it goes I've been fighting a cold off all week.

    Then there is a frisbee game on Saturday, and on Sunday I'm hoping the weather stays nice so i can go apple picking!

  5. LOVE your costume. I have an idea brewing for Coach and I too!

    Love your virtual race don't look like you could be 37!

  6. I have been reading your blog for awhile, but I think this is the first time I have commented. I have a bad memory though. Anyway, I love your costumes and sparkly skirts!


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