Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Treats, Bad Trick...

Saturday night, we celebrated Halloween at an adult costume party.  You might have guessed from my race outfits, I get into the spirit of dressing up...
I definitely had fun role playing this costume!  I splurged on some great food (but still NO candy!) and had my share of tipsy drinks... cold beer, hot rum cider, witch's brew, jello shots...  GOOD TREATS.  Luckily I did my long run before the party, because I was pretty darn lazy come Sunday!

Good times like that always remind me of WHY I don't party much anymore.  For one night I let my guard down, and my body always makes me pay.  Sure enough... Two days later, I wake up with a head cold, sore throat and all over aches.  BAD TRICK.  O'brother... did I mention I have the Indy Monumental Half Marathon in FIVE days?!?

So today, I'm slurping down the Emergen-C... powder packets that you add to water to make flavored fizzy drinks that are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes.  Emergen-C always works for me to ward off an oncoming cold.  Today, I picked up a new flavor called Cranberry-Pomegranate, which I highly recommend!

As we head into germ-season, how do manage the colds/sickness in your household?  Any great remedies?  or preventative measures?  I'll send one random comment a sample of Emergen-C.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I was so trying to avoid catching my husband's cold a week or so before my eye surgery... to no avail.

    But I talked to my older sister on the phone and she told me about a healing tea she was making for her husband. So I tried it and it really helped.

    Grate about 1 Tbs fresh ginger root and put it in 2 cps boiling water with a cut up lemon, and let it steep for several minutes. Then strain into 2 mugs and add a bit of honey. I made this for us both about 3 times that first couple of days. Aweome.

    And rest and sleep as much as you can.

    Good luck wiht shaking it.

    p.s. your costumes look great!

  2. Each time I try the partying thing my body likes to remind me I am not 21 anymore. Friday night I went to a work Halloween party. Two beers and a shot made for a headache Saturday morning. UGH!

    Love the costume!

  3. Awesome costumes! You make a pretty sexy cop! :)

    Hope you are feeling better. Rest up and you'll feel like a champ for the half!

  4. You two are HAWT! Love it!

    Get lots of fluids, sleep, and Vit C! You'll kick this thing. Also, I always use a nasal saline rinse (like a netty pot only a bottle), which helps a TON.

  5. Sleep, fluids, good food, Emergen C, and LOTS of hand-washing!

  6. What's up hottie?! I use lots of Airborne and hand washing....good luck...stay healthy!


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